Gurdeep Pandher

We are birds in our nests. We chirp!

Primary Lessons – Teaching Math with Coins

Classroom setting: Grade 3 Student Teacher: Gurdeep Pandher, Host Teacher: Krystal Mckenna 1. Understanding of our Coins There are 6 types of Canadian Coins:- Penny (one cent) – 1¢ Nickel (five cents)

Gurdeep’s Recipe: How to make Daal?

My Story:- My name is Gurdeep and I was born into Sikh and Punjabi culture. Our Punjabi food is famous all over the world. Out of many, daal is my favourite. You

Common English Idioms

Found by Gurdeep Pandher:- Phrase/Idiom Meaning Hold on Continue Call on Call out Copied from other sources:- Idiom Meaning A blessing in disguise a good thing that seemed bad at first A

Mispronounced Words

Mispronounced Words Administration Kilometre New Westminster New Zealand Eligible Negligence Particular Infamous Demographic Disability Bureaucracy Procrastination Colonization Patterns Revitalization Deliberately Democracy Democratic Atmosphere Engineering Edmonton Administrative administration andragogy articulate articulated ballets biodiversity

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