Gurdeep Pandher

We are birds in our nests. We chirp!

Bhangra at Haines Junction school

I taught Bhangra from grade 1 to 12 in one day at Saint Elias Community School in Haines Junction. Feeling “soreness in happiness” for dancing with kids from 8:30 AM to 3:15

Primary Lessons – Teaching Math with Coins

Classroom setting: Grade 3 Student Teacher: Gurdeep Pandher, Host Teacher: Krystal Mckenna 1. Understanding of our Coins There are 6 types of Canadian Coins:- Penny (one cent) – 1¢ Nickel (five cents)

Gurdeep’s Recipe: How to make Daal?

My Story:- My name is Gurdeep and I was born into Sikh and Punjabi culture. Our Punjabi food is famous all over the world. Out of many, daal is my favourite. You

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