Melanie Hackett

Revolutionizing Resolutions for New Year

It’s happening again. Fireworks are lighting the skies all around the globe. The ball is dropping. People are writing down everything that is going to change with this new beginning. But what

Cleanse Yourself of the Myths

If you are interested in health you have probably heard of "cleansing" diets aimed at ridding your body of toxins by reducing what you eat to a very limited selection of healthy


Humans have always been fascinated by the immense power of volcanoes. After all, volcanoes are responsible for the birth of new earth, as is rapidly happening on the Big Island of


Dispelling myths about mental illness

It was a crisp day in May, snowflakes gently flying in the breeze. At the bus stop, a woman wearing a colourful toque to conceal her balding head wondered aloud whether summer


Larger than Life by Melanie Hackett

YOU only need to set foot in the Yukon for a split second before it becomes clear why the territory’s motto is “Larger Than Life.” Home to 14 First Nations groups and some

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