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BBC Documentary Director Leslee Udwin talks with Gurdeep Pandher about ‘India’s Daughter’

This video is based on an interview by Gurdeep Pandher with Leslee Udwin who is the producer/director of the BBC documentary entitled “India’s Daughter”.

The documentary is about Jyoti Singh Pandey (Nirbhaya or Damini) tragedy that happened on December 16, 2012, in New Delhi that shocked India and the world. The documentary was originally aired by BBC Four’s Storyville series and later banned by the Government of India. In this interview, Leslee Udwin speaks straight from the heart about the reasons and the whole process behind creating India’s Daughter. She answers many questions like her previous works as an independent filmmaker, how was the idea of making this documentary formed? What were the main factors which made her to decide to work on this project? How long did it take her to complete the documentary, starting from her first inspiration to the finished product? What was the rationale behind choosing rape-convicts as interview subjects? Was it easy for her to get consent from Tihar jail prison officials in New Delhi so that she could interview gang-rape convicts? What were her own reactions after the interview sessions with the convict? How many times did she meet the rape convicts for interviews? Did jail officials facilitate the meetings without hindering free communication between her and the interview subjects? Description of the whole atmosphere in her own words when she was with Jyoti Singh’s parents Badri Singh and Asha Devi as they spoke about their beloved daughter? What are her own views on the ban on her documentary by the Government of India? Does she have any clues as to why the Indian government banned your documentary? Was she ever threatened for making such a documentary? Her views about the defence lawyers like the lawyer ML Sharma? How did she manage to process all of the pain, crying and emotions coming from these persons she talked to? What are her plans for the future?

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