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Bhangra- Dance of Punjab (2018) Photos

Gurdeep Pandher and Brianna Heal dance a bhangra/highland dance mashup during the Bhangra - Dance of Punjab show at the Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse on Dec. 18, 2018 | Photo by: Crystal Schick/Yukon News

Photos from 2018 Bhangra concert “Bhangra- Dance of Punjab”, created by Gurdeep Pandher at The Yukon Arts Centre, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada on December 18, 2018. Around 400 people attended the very colourful show on the workday evening in the middle of busy December month.

We combined many Yukon cultures on stage under the tagline “Connecting Yukon Cultures via Bhangra”. Not only we celebrated the Sikh/Punjabi cultural dance in the Yukon, but also brought many other local cultures together. Being “inclusive, open, secular, and doing things together” is our strength.

During the concert, Yukon’s charities raised more than $1500 via their silent auction to benefit non-profit local societies. Their proceeds went to Humane Society Yukon and Little Footprints, Big Steps, Big Steps in appreciation of their launch of their new thrift store Whitehorse Yukon Community Thrift Store. They sold everything which they brought on their tables.

Many thanks go to Gurdeep Pandher’s dance students. We are equally thankful to Crooked Folk, Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Can Can Line Dancers, Extremely Moving Youth Society, Yukon College Students, The Hibernation band, Lianne Cranfield, Whitehorse Minor Hockey Team, Coach Mike Nemeth, Véronique Lachance, Hockey Students, Good Deeds Yukon, Jacob Zimmer (Artistic Director from Nakai Theatre), Daniel Ashley AKA DJ DASH (Dash Music), Jeff Wolosewich (From The Dark Fruits), Yukon Arts Centre, Jerome McIntyre, Aaron Alton, Keitha Clark, BJ MacLean and Simon Crelli, Véronique Lachance, Jordan Patrick, Sarah Waters, Jerome McIntyre, Naomi Hajian, Marten Berkman, Anne-Marie Lemaire, Shyloh van Delft, Kultej Gill, and Manpreet Singh, Audrey Sawyer, Panya Lipovsky, Brianna Heal, Lorraine Donovan, Mike Wilson, Josh Jansen, Christopher Ross, Yukon’s media, The Commissioner Madame Angélique Bernard, Yukon’s Deputy Premier Hon. Ranj Pillai and Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis, and Elizabeth Hanson (NDP Leader in the Assembly). We are also thankful to Government of Yukon. There are so many other names who played great roles in the creation of this concert. We are so much thankful to all.

When there is cold season around, we warm up the holidays spirit with our high-energy Bhangra moves. We bring delights, make faces smile, and contribute towards community service.

(All Photos by: Christian Kuntz Photography)

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