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What you should keep in mind while dancing Bhangra

  1. Stretch before and after the session. More you stretch, better it is.
  2. Bhangra is a dance of being strong and big – so keep your chin up, keep your neck long, and back straight.
  3. Keep your core engaged. You will actually dance from your core. So keep the centre of your belly in mind to propel the force of Bhangra moves. When you raise legs or arms, the central point of push should be your core.
  4. You know in salsa, folks shake their hips, in Bhangra we shake our shoulders.
  5. And most importantly, smile a lot and smile from your heart and soul! If you are doing Bhangra moves perfectly, but not smiling (or not joyful from your core of the heart), that is not Bhangra. If you are sad for a reason (we all get sad, sometimes), then Bhangra can be great to bring joy back to the core.

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