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Gurdeep-Isabella Bhangra at Yukon Farm on Lake Laberge (Whitehorse)

Lake Laberge, near Whitehorse (Yukon, Canada), is “nature’s gold”! This beautiful Yukon lake definitely inspired many resonant words in celebrated Yukon poet Robert Service’s poem, “The Cremation of Sam McGee”. There is a lovely farm on the lake’s banks, where my friend Sarah grows her organic vegetables. While filming subtle elements of farming life, with the beautiful lake waters so close to us, Isabella and I were inspired to do a heart-warming dance to a melodic Punjabi song. Luckily, Bhangra dance from Punjab has many branches, which allow for the expression of every kind of feeling. One of its branches is called Jhoomar. So, we danced Bhangra in the Jhoomar style in order to express the intensity of emotions which would be experienced during the reunion of two lovers. This reunion takes place in the beginning of the song. Later on, the dance evolves to reflect pure joy. We worked very hard to create this video and we hope that you love it!

Performed By: Gurdeep Pandher and Lara Isabella
Directed, Choreographed and Edited By: Gurdeep Pandher
Song/Music Credit: Amrinder Gill
Location: Lendrum-Ross Farm on Lake Laberge near Whitehorse (Yukon) Canada

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