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Bhangra Meets Irish Dance | Gurdeep Pandher & Melanie Hackett

Starring: Gurdeep Pandher and Melanie Hackett

Singers: Gurdeep Pandher and Sarah MacDougall

Lyrics/Cinematography: Gurdeep Pandher

Music: Gurvir Singh Guri


Made at Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada


Half in English and half in Punjabi language, along with Punjabi Bhangra and Irish dance fusion, we made this video to promote “unity in diversity” in Canada and the world. When we hear divisive news in the media that separate people on the basis of religion, skin colours, backgrounds, and physical appearances, we decided to make this video to spread cultural harmony and bring positivity in our society. Instead of walls, let’s create bridges! We may look different, but we all are one human race. Thank you, Sechelt in the Sunshine Coast (British Columbia, Canada) for providing us your beautiful natural scenery to make our video look awesome! Thank you for watching our video! Love and Peace!

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