Bhangra Program Moves

Gurdeep Pandher Bhangra Program Moves

Names of the moves:-

    1. Punjab
    2. Punjab Family – (a) Ikk Taali Punjab, (b) Chhidkana Punjab (c) Pump
    3. Jindua
    4. Jindua Family  – (a) Doohra Jindua (b) Ikk Taali Jindua
    5. Lehriya
    6. Poora Lehriya
    7. Farmer
    8. Sheesha Tali (Mirror Clap)
    9. Jodi
    10. Phulka
    11. Kacchan
    12. Kacchan and family
    13. Ikk Taali (One Clap)
    14. Bedi
    15. Dhamaal
    16. Jugni
    17. Tunka
    18. Kichan (Pulls)
    19. Luddi
    20. Mahiya
    21. Chakkri
    22. Udariyan
    23. Mor Pankh
    24. Kanchi (Scissors)
    25. Baithak Bhangra
    26. Fumniyan
    27. Bhalwani (Bravery)
    28. Jhoomar
    29. More Jhoomar (Jhoomar Family)
    30. Naag
    31. Chaal

⇒ Participants are free to pick and choose the moves they want to learn, however, if they want to graduate the full course with a certificate, then here are the requirements:-

    1. Attendance to all classes.
    2. Making of a self-video dancing all the moves.
    3. Sending the video to Gurdeep via Dropbox or Google Drive or YouTube Link. (Note: this video will be treated as a private classroom video, so it won’t be published anywhere without permission from a creator)
    4. In the video, if participants are expected to display an above-average level understanding of the moves.

The participants who will pass the course will receive a certificate of completing the program. 

⇒ Teaching Style:-

To make the learning process easier, in each class, Gurdeep introduces one new move. So that students get a deeper understanding of every move, Gurdeep uses scaffolding teaching technique. Therefore,  he breaks down all the moves into several smaller pieces. After the move is learned in smaller parts, then all the parts are combined to make it one whole move. In the end, everybody dances the move to uplifting Bhangra music. Each class will be 40-minute long.

⇒ How to start:-

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