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Gurdeep Pandher is a Yukon based, Bhangra dance artist. He lives in a small off-grid cabin in the wilderness near Lake Laberge. He creates dance videos in nature/outdoors and performances that bring people together. He is best known for spreading joy, hope and positivity during the pandemic. Millions of viewers throughout the world have watched his wilderness videos. For more information, please visit

Longer Bio:-

Gurdeep Pandher is a Yukon based, Bhangra artist and educator. He creates performance pieces that bring together people from all backgrounds while promoting inclusivity. He is also best known for bringing joy, hope and positivity during the pandemic through his online dance classes and videos. The dance performances and videos are watched by millions of viewers throughout the world. Gurdeep’s works have been published by many international art and media organizations including BBC News, CBC National, The Globe and Mail, NBC, etc. Gurdeep was also named “This week’s Greatest Canadian” by Global News Radio! Gurdeep’s sessions are a good workout and a happy way to introduce the physical activity. For more information, please visit

Description of Gurdeep Shows:

Gurdeep Pandher, a Bhangra artist and educator from the Yukon, will create a unique happiness-show blending dance, teaching, joy-philosophy and more. Gurdeep is best known for spreading joy, hope and positivity during the pandemic and has over half a million followers throughout his social media platforms. Gurdeep will share his best tips to find joy in darkness, followed by an interactive Bhangra lesson and performance. After the dance moves are taught, everybody joins together to dance to uplifting Bhangra music. During breaks in the show, Gurdeep will also give his own Bhangra performance. Bhangra is a traditional folk-dance of Punjab.

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This bio was written by “Sun Life Financial” for their event! So, credit goes to them:

  • We are delighted to introduce a very special guest on our own special day.
  • Joining us to spread positivity and joy is Canadian celebrity Gurdeep Pandher.
  • Gurdeep lives in the Yukon and has half a million followers across the world who enjoy watching his traditional Bhangra dance videos.
  • Especially during COVID his videos have lifted many people’s spirits and helped them get through the pandemic. Gurdeep has been featured on BBC News, CTV News, Global News, The Star, the CAA Magazine and many more news outlets. Just last week Gurdeep was named “This week’s Greatest Canadian” by Global news Radio!

Other notes:

  1. Danced in -45 degrees Celcius
  2. Danced over frozen lakes
  3. Bhangra is a traditional dance of the Punjabi/Sikh farmers to bring fun and entertainment
  4. Has travelled all over Canada via road.
  5. Has given dance lessons to Canadian armed forces, including Indigenous Cheifs and communities. 
  6. Lives in a small cabin without running water in the wilderness of the Yukon.
  7. The main objective is to spread positivity and joy
  8. We are delighted to spend some time with Gurdeep today. Please get your dance shoes ready!

Gurdeep over to you!

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Description of Bhangra Classes/Workshops:-

Gurdeep’s classes are an entertaining introduction to Bhangra dance and culture, as well as a great fitness activity. During the workshop, Gurdeep teaches the Bhangra moves one-by-one and breaks down the movements into several smaller pieces in order to aid the learning process. When all the moves are well-practiced, everybody joins together to dance to uplifting Bhangra music. Bhangra is a traditional Punjabi dance that was developed by Sikh farmers in Punjab, a region located in South Asia near Kashmir. The movements require a high energy level, therefore the Bhangra is an intense workout, in addition to a cultural learning opportunity. 


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