Book: Among the Stars – Life and Dreams of Kalpana Chawla

Among the Stars by Gurdeep Pandher
Among the Stars by Gurdeep Pandher

The first chapter brought tears to my eyes which caught me off guard. Why was I crying in a book about an astronaut when I’m not even interested in astronauts? How could I feel so connected to someone I never even knew existed. This is when my respect for Gurdeep’s writing really started to grow. He knew what he was doing. He wasn’t trying to write some intellectual fact-based autobiography on a famous person. No. He was paying tribute to Kalpana and healing the heart of a broken family, nation, and world by honouring her in the deepest way possible – by writing a book that showed her soul and what it was really made of. He didn’t stop there either.
~ Erin Brost

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Reading this book gives the impression of sitting in a warm room with a cup of tea, pouring over pictures and listening to an old friend of Kalpana tell her story. Gurdeep has gathered the words, memories, and impressions of those who loved Kalpana the most and crafted them into this heartfelt commemoration of this incredible woman.
~ Manuela
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