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Building Bridges over Barriers – We All Are Humans First

We live in a polarized society. And this polarization is composed of multi-facets of divisions. Extreme political affiliations, racism, hating religions of others, gender-divide, judgements based on sexual-orientations, ultranationalism or jingoistic, xenophobic tendencies, disliking clothing of others, being prejudiced towards body shapes, we have built so many barriers.

We literally tend to forget that there is no difference between the person I absolutely do not like and I.

And if someone hates me, he/she doesn’t hate me, actually he/she hates his/her fellow human being.

We both are humans.

Let’s befriend with people across the walls and borders and build bridges over barriers!

Everybody needs sky to watch the stars and the land to rest!

~ Gurdeep Pandher

Photo: Gurdeep Pandher and Krisandra Reid

Captured by: Rachel Mullin Photography

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