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Dawson City Music Festival (DCMF 2018) Bhangra Workshop

Dawson City Music Festival (DCMF 2018) Bhangra Workshop

My Bhangra dance workshop at 2018 Dawson City Music Festival (DCMF) in the Yukon, Canada. It was an honour to share the world of high-energy Punjabi Bhangra dance with enthusiastic and cheerful participants on the music festival’s 40th birthday.

A unique Canadian heritage, Dawson City is located in the Yukon Territory of Canada. It the place where historic Gold Rush happened. Bhangra is the folk-dance of Punjab.

And some other shots from lovely Dawson:-

Dawson City
Dome in Dawson City
Dawson City
Dawson City
Dawson City
Dawson City
Robert Service Cabin in Dawson City
Robert Service Cabin in Dawson City
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Squamish Bhangra Dance-Fitness Workshop

Squamish Bhangra Group

Please join Gurdeep Pandher at Squamish Dance Centre on August 31st 7:30 PM for a one and half hour long bhangra fitness workshop! Bhangra dance is entertaining and also a great high-energy workout activity. This form of dance is also used by many participants for fitness or health and wellness goals!

Gurdeep Pandher is a Whitehorse (Yukon, Canada) based Bhangra artist and an author. The works of art he created in order to bring people from all backgrounds together to promote inclusivity and diversity through his dance arts have gone viral and been published internationally. His performances and videos crossed many borders and were watched by millions from all over the world. Gurdeep’s works have been published by BBC News, CBC National, The Globe and Mail, CTV News, and many international art and media organizations. Governmental bodies including Canadian Embassies/High Commissions abroad also published Gurdeep’s works to exhibit an ebullient Canadian multiculturalism and the wondrous side of our great nation.

This workshop is suitable for the complete beginners and for those who have absolutely no experience or idea what the bhangra dance is! Gurdeep will introduce top and commonly used bhangra steps along with providing brief details on the history/background/world of the dance form. This workshop will also be a great opportunity for you to decide if you would like to continue to follow passion for bhangra dancing and fitness in future.

Place: Squamish Dance Centre, 38924 Queens Way, Squamish, BC
Date: August 31, 2018 (Friday)
Time: 7:30 PM to 9 PM (Doors open 7:00 PM)
Price: $20

Please click here to buy tickets

Important Notes: –

  1. Although advance reservation is recommended, but you can also get tickets at the door. You can pay with your debit or credit cards at the door too.
  2. Please bring your sports or running shoes! It is important to wear right shoes for this workshop so that you can jump and bounce.
  3. Doors open at 7:00 PM. Please arrive at 7:15 PM so that we are fully ready to start the workshop at sharp 7:30 PM.


This is a frequently asked question. Anyone who is 10 years old or older can join the workshop. We love small children too, but it is always wonderful to have a separate workshop only for those cute-little ones. Gurdeep is often invited to schools for workshops, so your kid’s school can also consider hosting this type of workshop for the school students. You can suggest your kid’s school to contact Gurdeep via this contact form!

Gurdeep has an excellent and very positive experience working with both primary and high schools in Canada. References are also available from the schools which previously invited Gurdeep for school-wide big workshops or small classroom lessons.

What to Wear:-

Any kind of comfortable clothes are OK, but a T-shirt or tank-top with yoga/exercise pants or shorts are most suitable for Bhangra dance jumps. Please come in workout or running or sports shoes! Please do bring a bottle of water!

Facebook Event Page:-

We have our Facebook event page in place. Please visit it to RSVP!

What Kind of People/Professionals Attend Gurdeep’s Workshops?

All kinds, please watch this video:-

Refund or Cancellation Policy:-

Please read our “Refund or Cancellation Policy“!

Liability Release Form:-

Gurdeep Pandher’s events (workshops, classes or sessions) are subject to terms mentioned in “Liability Release Form“. Please read them thoroughly before you attend the classes!

How to Contact the Organizers:-

If you have any questions regarding the workshop, or media inquiries, please use this contact form!

More info:-

Please visit for more information!



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Dawson City Shiver Fest

On January 27th, Dawson City residents proved that they just love dancing! It was wonderful to present the bhangra workshop and then to perform at 2018 Shiver Fest organized by Dawson’s Shiver arts society. Thank you all for participating! Thank you, Monique Chatterton, for being my co-performer. Thank you, Erika MarziBoddie, for including my work in your amazing festival!

Photos by: Nate Jones

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Fashion candidates learning some Bhangra moves

Fashion candidates learning some Bhangra moves from Gurdeep Pandher on the sidelines of The Queen’s Fashion Show on Saturday! The show was a part of the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous!

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Dawson City Bhangra Rush

November 11, 2017 was the special day! It was the day when Bhangra Rush happened in Dawson City.

Thank you so much to all of you amazing people for braving -30 cold and attending my bhangra workshop at the Robert Service School. Your engagement in the class with such an attentive and enthusiastic energy was the most rewarding experience for me. During the 90-minute long workshop, we accomplished a lot and then you amazed me again at the end of the session by the wonderful group dance to the music.

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