Canada Day 2019 Bhangra Photos

Canada Day 2019 Bhangra in Whitehorse, Yukon by Gurdeep Pandher and Ana Rita Gracia. Only a selected have been posted here. To view all, please visit our Google Photos folder. All Photos


Speech on Diversity at RCMP

On Friday, I had a great honour to deliver my speech on “Diversity and Inclusion” to RCMP (Canadian Police) officers at RCMP building in Whitehorse. I felt touched that for nearly 40


Pride Moment

  Moment with my viral video partner at the Pride! Mayor of Whitehorse had created history by becoming first mayor of Canada to learn the art of wearing a Sikh turban.


Bhangra graduates from the Yukon University

Meet Bhangra graduates from the Yukon University! It was fun to teach my Yukon University dance students during this winter and spring semesters. I felt amazed and wonderful by their dedication to

Thank you, Yukoners!

Although I felt honoured that our CBC recently wrote that “Gurdeep Pandher, who could be considered Yukon’s most famous person on social media”. But you know what, being famous is Ok, having

We did it

“Bhangra – Dance of Punjab 2017” concert in Whitehorse, Yukon was amazingly successful and wonderful! Inspired by our slogan “Diversity Over Division”, we have put together a show displaying that we can

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