When some cool journalists and an author/artist pose together in Northern Canada’s -25 morning

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Cheryl Kawaja, Gurdeep Pandher and Sandi Coleman (Photo by: Arnold Hedstrom/CBC)

When some cool journalists and an author/artist pose together in Northern Canada’s -25 morning! At my right, CBC’s Cheryl Kawaja and left Sandi Coleman.

Sandi’s first interview with me played a great role behind 2016’s Canadian national bhangra trend. The story based on that interview was shared by CBC National and then CTV National News, Buzzfeed, Yahoo Canada, The Huffington Post, and many other media organizations from the world followed it.

Now millions of Canadians watched bhangra which spread instantly coast to coast in just last couple of months!

Cool! Eh!

(Photo by: Arnold Hedstrom/CBC)

Bhangra Practice Session with Crooked Folk

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Bhangra Practice Session with Crooked Folk

Our Punjabi bhangra practice for Dec 17’s show is in full swing. We are going to bring the best entertainment! The featured band knows as Crooked Folk plays Traditional Irish and Scottish Set Music members Keitha Clark with fiddle, Jerome McIntyre with bodhran, Katie Avery with fiddle, Calla Paleczny with guitar/mandolin, Lee Covin with Irish whistles/small pipes, and Bj MacLean with guitar.


Happy 547th Birthday, Guru Nanak Ji!

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Happy Birthday, Guru Nanak! Today is the birthday of Guru Nanak who is the founder of Sikhism, the “faith” I follow! Guru Nanak was born in 1469 and passed away in 1539. Equality is the one of main principles he brought to the world that we all humans are equal, humanity is the only race, men and women are equal, all religions are great and equal, all skin colours are equal.

Happy Birthday, Guru Nanak!

My Expectation from You, Sandy Silver!

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Sandy Silver Yukon Premier

Okay, Sandy Silver! So you are my next premier. Many many congrats! In your very recent statement, I specifically liked the words “positivity, inclusivity and respect”, which made me feel “included and respected”. Sandy, as my new premier, I have just one expectation from you! After you are in that seat, please stay as the simple guy the way we have been seeing you so far! We just love regular T-shirts on you. We don’t need much formality in those ironed suits! For the next 5 years, please just stay as the people’s premier! Please support diversity, inclusivity and humanity! Please mix with the public the way butter mixes in soups and makes delicious! Please hug people, listen to them, and bring smiles on their faces!

I am so proud of the guy, I mean my respected premier (elect), who had purchased beer for me during very first meeting!

Thanks to Yukon, North of Ordinary and Leaping Feats

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Introducing two new sponsors for my upcoming Dec 17’s bhangra show! I am very thankful to Yukon, North of Ordinary magazine and Leaping Feats Dance Studio for their awesomeness! The North of Ordinary has offered to run the show promotions on their TV networks for free and Leaping Feats offered their dancing studio space for creating/doing rehearsals at a nominal price. Thank you both, great friends, Greg and Andrea! Great shows are not great without great pals! Tickets for the show named “Bhangra – The Dance of the Punjab” are already on sale at Yukon Arts Centre box office, Arts Underground, and YukonTickets.com! Apart from the energetic bhangra, other performance items in the show will be unveiled soon!