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I believe videos have power to let viewers to mirror visually what its creator wants you to see in his/her creation through his/her own sight. When you read books, you use your own imagination to form a picture in your mind on the basis of the written words offered to you by the author. In this page, I have posted my own videos as well as hand-picked videos from other fellow creators. Before posting work from other fellows, I watch it, feel about it, discuss with close friends, and then share on my website.

Rhinos – Short Film

You meet a new person who doesn’t know your language. How will you communicate? However, if mental waves between two strangers cross then words itself tend to uplift the curtain of language


Kismet Diner

Everybody want wants to be loved, everybody wants to be in love, however some love-stories are touching. This video beautifully presents a powerful story that love can be felt and expressed differently.



Humans have always been fascinated by the immense power of volcanoes. After all, volcanoes are responsible for the birth of new earth, as is rapidly happening on the Big Island of


Portal to the Yukon – Travel Yukon

In late April 2013, a portal opened in Toronto’s urban landscape. Broadcast on the side of buildings around downtown Toronto were scenes from Yukon’s wilderness and wildlife, heritage and culture, northern lights,

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