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Celebrating International Youth Day 2014

Celebrating International Youth Day 2014 | Photo: Minerva Studio

My favorite day of the year is coming up and I honestly cannot wait for it. It’s going to be the celebration of International Youth Day! This year’s celebration of International Youth Day focuses on Youth and Mental Health. The slogan for this year’s celebration of this wonderful day is that Mental Health Matters. My goal for this day is to help people realize that youth with mental conditions are not different from youth without. I would like to promote the issue of efforts that need to be made to ensure that these youth go on to live full and healthy lives free of isolation from others around them. The United Nations is even running a campaign to further raise awareness from the 12th of June to the 12th of August in order to further reduce the shame. They need youth to help raise awareness with hashtags #MentalHealthMatters and #UN4Youth to raise awareness for youth that are affected by mental health.

Mental health has never been a joke and never will be. If you ever see someone being bullied because of a mental health issue, please go out of your way to help him or her out. Encourage that individual to speak out and tell their story because sharing a problem with others always helps to find better solutions. I myself know of a family that has an autistic child and understand the hardships and difficulties they have to go through. There is nothing wrong with the child but he just sees the world from a different perspective. He is able-bodied and functions fine, in fact he enjoys drumming while creating music with his singing. He even enjoys sports and likes to greet people a lot showing his friendship. Remember, autism is not a disease but it’s a neurological disorder in the brain that allows the individual to act different and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Social media is your best friend on August 12th and I want everyone to encourage his or her friends to celebrate this in an extravagant way. A sample could be to hold an event to celebrate this day in your community, school, youth club or even workplace. On the idea of the workplace, you could even encourage your boss to discount youth on this day to show your appreciation for them. Let’s spread the message and raise awareness on this issue through social media services such as facebook, twitter, instagram, photobucket, myspace and even linkedin.

This day is all about youth, which includes your favorite writer ever, me! Youth range from the ages of 12-24 so if you are out there looking for some fun, then why not celebrate the accomplishment of yourself this August 12th. It’s time for you to sit back and relax as well as others to finally appreciate you for the person you are.

It’s time to chillax for a day, have fun this International Youth Day.

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