Bhangra for Community Development by Building Cross-Cultural Bridges

Gurdeep uses the positive, happy and high energy of Bhangra dance for:-

  • inclusive community development by building cross-cultural bridges
  • combating racism by bringing people together
  • raising health awareness by high-energy workouts
  • promoting unity-in-diversity by doing things together
  • spreading happiness by sharing the happy dance
run for mom
One thousand people participated in Gurdeep’s Bhangra workshop in Whitehorse, Yukon, during the run-for-mom fundraiser.

If you like to organize an event like this in your town, Gurdeep will be happy to come to do a one-hour long bhangra workshop.

run for mom
Gurdeep leading the community Bhangra session. Bhangra is a happy dance and also a great workout activity. Therefore, bhangra has both entertainment and gym benefits.

More About Gurdeep’s Work

Gurdeep Pandher lives in Whitehorse, Yukon. Here are some links to his work:-

  1. Video with Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis showing him how to wear a Sikh turban and dance Bhangra. The video went viral and even BBC News broadcasted it. Here is the link:-
  2. A video project with Canadian Armed Forces to promote inclusion in the Canadian Forces. Please check this link from Government of Canada’s website:-
  3. Bhangra in Old Crow with the Cheif of the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation Government. Check this link from APTN National News.
  4. Bhangra in the Schools.
Gurdeep Pandher with the Mayor of Whitehorse, Dan Curtis

Gurdeep, you are such an amazing addition to our community, thank you for making Whitehorse home!

~ Dan Curtis, The Mayor of City of Whitehorse

Interested in hosting community bhangra in your town?

Please click here to contact Gurdeep!