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(Public Announcement: I receive a large number of messages and emails every day. I make efforts to write back to everyone, but many times, yes, things can get busy, and forgetfulness happens. Therefore, if you feel that you were looking for a response and did not hear back in a reasonable time, please be kind to send me a reminder!)


If you wish to send me a regular letter via your post office, here is my mailing address:-

Gurdeep Pandher
PO Box 20900
Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 6P1

Please note that I may not be able to send you a response letter as the creative process often fills my day. However, I read all letters and take care of them as special treasures! I publish some letters of non-personal nature on my social media, keeping the sender’s name/address hidden. If you do not want me to publish your letter on my social media, please do mention it in your letter, and I will honour your wish.

Gurdeep Pandher Email List

I send emails with information about my videos, performances, events, and classes to those humans who are on my mailing list. To sign up for my mailing list, please visit this link!