Giving Back



Out of whatever we make, it is a good practice to give back to our families, communities, friends looking for support, elders, and people in need. In a bigger perspective, the whole universe is our family and it’s our responsibility to contribute towards humanity. Therefore, rising above our religions, backgrounds, nationalities, or other personal zones; it is important to reach out, share and develop a culture of care. Sharing has positive and far-reaching ripple effects. Here are some of the efforts Gurdeep made in the service of communities or to express his gratitude to:-


  • Donated to Care Canada for supporting COVID-19 patients.
  • Donated to Orange Day in Canada for Every Child Matters
  • Donated to Yukon Farmers whose greenhouse was broken apart by a tornado.
  • Donated to Red Cross, Canada. 
  • Donated to Whitehorse Food Bank. 
  • Donated to Yukon Trappers Association (Donation to: Love For Valerie and Adele’s family). Valerie and her child Adele lost lives to a heart-beaking bear attack in the Yukon’s wilderness) | November 29, 2018.
  • Donated to the Yukon artist Fawn’s music to support her CD release.
  • Donated to the Yukon singer Kim to support her music CD release dream.
  • Donated to Khalsa Aid food drive at the Canadian Food Banks.
  • Donated to a Yukon human Jeszika to support her dreams to attend dance classes. 
  • Donated to Yukon Hospital Foundation to support Yukon Hospitals. 
  • Donated to Concussion Cafe Yukon, a Yukon organization supporting people suffering from concussions.
  • Donated to a friend who started a 3500 km hike-cum-walk to raise funds for mental health. 
  • Donated to a Yukon young fiddle group to support them in their CD making dreams (The Watershed: A COVID-19 )
  • Donated to Jordan who was raising funds for Whitehorse Food Bank during the pandemic. 
  • Donated to a family, whose kid suddenly went to coma and they had to take her to intensive care at the South Health Campus in Calgary.
  • Also donated to some others who prefer anonymity.


  • Volunteered for “Run-for-Mom” in Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Volunteered for Canadian Armed Forces
  • Volunteered for Royal Canadian Navy
  • Volunteered for Kidney Walk 2019 – The Kidney Foundation of Canada
  • Volunteered for Nepal floods fundraiser in Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Volunteered for Consent Crew, Whitehorse, Dawson City (Yukon) and Atlin, BC
  • Volunteered for Whitehorse Minor Hockey for Good Deeds Cup
  • Volunteered for RCMP Yukon in Whitehorse
  • Volunteered for United Way Breakfast in Whitehorse
  • Volunteered for Whitehorse Food Bank
  • Volunteered for Canadian Mental Health Association, Yukon Division
  • Volunteered for Run for Life, a Yukon based non-profit. 

Raised Funds:-

  • Raised Funds:- During 2018 Bhangra show, created by Gurdeep, Yukon’s charities raised more than $1500 via their silent auction to benefit non-profit local societies. Their proceeds went to Humane Society Yukon and Little Footprints, Big Steps in appreciation of the launch of their new thrift store Whitehorse Yukon Community Thrift Store. They sold everything which they brought on their tables.
  • Organized Charity Bhangra Event to raise funds for Whitehorse Outreach Van, a free service Many Rivers Counselling


Donations during Pandemic (donating 25% from my online classes earnings to causes related to COVID-19):-

Donation to Care Canada for supporting COVID-19 patients


Donation to the Yukon Hospital Foundation
Donation to the Yukon Hospital Foundation

Receipt of donation to Yukon Hospital Foundation.
Receipt of donation to Yukon Hospital Foundation.

Grocery Donations to Local Food Banks in the Yukon:-

At Whitehorse Food Bank, after delivering grocery items to support the local food bank.
At Whitehorse Food Bank, after delivering grocery items to support the local food bank.