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Go Gadget Free

Go Gadget Free

Certainly, in our modern society, technology plays a very prominent role. However, not all gadgets are good for you and can cause a multitude of problems like myopia and back pain from being hunched over a device all day. That’s why it’s good to sometimes just unplug and get away from it all. You may wonder how it could be done short of going off to somewhere remote, but it’s actually very easy if you pick the right time, are kept busy, and have the discipline to go tech free.

Picking the right time is very important. After all, it’s very unwise to forgo your computer when you boss is mass emailing everyone on your team instructions on the project. Depending on how long you want to stay tech free for, pick either a non-busy week or a relaxed weekend. Then, you can tell friends and family you will be not available through texting or Facebook, but would gladly answer their phone calls from an actual phone (not Skype). After that, it’s time to put away the Smartphone, turn off your computer, and wave goodbye to you iPad.

Obviously, at first, you will find your day to be very empty. If you’re anything like a modern person, about two hours of your day will just have opened up. Be aware that you need to fill in the time with constructive hobbies, or the phone will be back in your hand in no time. Going outside and being active, meeting face to face with friends, and picking up a good book are all suitable activities for filling in your time. If you’re really diligent, fill the time by finishing up that report or project. One thing’s for sure: your day will get a lot more productive.

Discipline, for this exercise, is especially important. If you are weak willed, you will find yourself back to where you started in the blink of an eye. It won’t be easy at first, but once you get into the swing of things, you may actually enjoy a life without technology. Most likely, your boss would never say the angry texts they just sent you to your face, and you will never buy clothing items in the wrong size because you’re actually trying them on in store. All it takes is breaking the habit.

Going tech-free may sound great, but remember to keep a few exceptions. Your phone should still be on for calls only, and for safety reasons. All other limits are up to you to set up. Removing gadgets from your life leaves spaces for more productive and rewarding things to come in. After your tech free days, evaluate your experience. Did you enjoy life more? Did you get more face to face contact? If the answers are yes, feel free to schedule another device-free period. You know you want to.

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