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Gurdeep Pandher | Whitehorse Minor Hockey | Punjabi Bhangra | PNW Group | Yukon

When Bhangra hits Ice-Hockey rink – energy level goes up and up. Punjabi bhangra and hockey go hand-in-hand together as both activities require high-energy-fast movements and fully synchronized rhythm. PNW Group (Whitehorse Minor Hockey) and Gurdeep Pandher made this video together combining Ice-Hockey and Bhangra dance in support of PNW Group (Whitehorse Minor Hockey) to win the national Good Deeds Cup.

Thanks to coach Mike, PNW Group, and so many volunteers who extended their helping hands in the making of this video! We also made this video to connect cultures on the ice rink. When we play sports and dance together, we connect better with each other and “feel” that we all people are “one”. This could end racism and social-divisions in the world.


Bhangra was originated in Punjab and is now popular worldwide. It is a beautiful dance form and also considered a hard-core sports activity. Many people go to bhangra sessions for high-energy workouts and to achieve tough fitness goals.

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