Pay-What-You-Can Monthly Subscription – Online Beginner’s Bhangra Classes

Now there is no need to book each class every week! Attending classes is simpler with this feature.

“Pay-What-You-Can monthly subscription-based classes” allow you to focus on learning and dancing, instead of booking classes each week. With a subscription, you can attend all or a few classes per month. Each class is separate, there are no prerequisites required. You can cancel your subscription at any time in the future from the “My Account” page. When you have more time, then you can reactivate it too from the same page. Whenever Gurdeep takes a break from classes, your subscriptions will automatically be paused and resumed when he is back. When these breaks occur, all active subscribers are informed via email beforehand.

Unlike previous classes, with subscription, you will not need to download class information. After you subscribe, you will have full access to to find all information to enter your classes including Zoom meeting ID/Password.

Each class is 40-minute long. The schedule of classes is below:-

  • Every Friday: 5 PM PDT
  • Every Saturday 9 AM PDT
  • Every Sunday: 9 AM PDT

IMPORTANT: Classes are hosted at the Yukon, Canada, time (Pacific Daylight Saving Time – PDT). Please note that time in the Yukon stays the same year around. Current local time in the Yukon (Canada) is:

Minimum price: $50.00 every month