Pay What You Can | Register For Gurdeep’s Winnipeg Event

To register for the Winnipeg workshop/event, simply pay any amount of tip you can afford. Once the date, time, and place of the workshop are decided, Gurdeep will send you an email with all the details.

People with higher incomes should contribute a proportionally greater amount, while those with lower incomes should contribute a proportionally lesser amount. This approach ensures accessibility for everyone across all income brackets. Additionally, people with significantly low incomes or who are unemployed can attend Gurdeep’s session for free.

Most likely, the event will be held in an open space in a public park in Winnipeg. A date will be tentatively around 3rd or 4th week of Sept. Gurdeep is still in northern Manitoba. Once he knows the firm date of his arrival in Winnipeg, a date will be decided. The event will take place in the evening. If you are unable to attend, refund requests will be honoured.

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