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On behalf of Khalsa Aid Canada, donated food to Whitehorse Food Bank

Today, on the behalf of the humanitarian relief charity Khalsa Aid Canada, we donated two full carts of vegetarian soups to Food Bank Society of Whitehorse! Khalsa Aid is an international social/humanitarian assistance and victims’s relief charity with its Canada headquarters in Victoria, BC. In past, Khalsa Aid distributed free food to the victims of Haiti earthquake, Syrian refugees during the war times, Refugee crisis in Greece, Yemen Civil War victims, UK Flood victims in 2014 and 2015, Nepal Earthquake in 2015, Cyclone Marcia victims of Australia, Victims of Bosnia floods, victims of Lebanon refugee crisis, Victims of Sudanese refugee crisis in 2014, Philippines typhoon victims, Kenya famine victims, civil war victims of Libya and Syria, victims of Cambodia Orphan crisis, Tsunami victims of Indonesia, Congo/Rwanda Volcanic eruption victims, Kosovo war victims, assistance to Albania civil war victims, and hundreds of other humanitarian causes all over the world.

Khalsa Aid International was founded in 1999 by Ravi Singh in London, UK and now it has its branch in Canada, known as Khalsa Aid Canada.

Supported by many individuals, families, schools, churches, businesses and other organizations, Food Bank Society of Whitehorse, also known as Whitehorse Food Bank, is a community-based organization, that provides emergency food to people in need. It provides emergency food hampers to 1300 people a month.

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