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Midnight Sun Bhangra Dance in Yukon at 12:30 AM

Midnight Sun Dance – In the Yukon (Canada), during the summer solstice times, days are almost 24 hours long. From 2 AM to 3 AM, it may get a little bit duskier, but you can still see things around clearly and enjoy the moment like a captivating evening time.

This time of the day is like a poet’s best imaginative moment to indulge in a superb creativity. Gurdeep Pandher and his dance partner Véronique Lachance decided to do some high-energy Bhangra dance at 12:30 AM, just after midnight, at the heart-gratifying Lake Laberge scenery of the calmly flowing Yukon river, to showcase to the world how elegant the Yukon looks under the midnight sun during the charming summer solstice days.

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