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My Expectation from You, Sandy Silver!

Sandy Silver Yukon Premier

Okay, Sandy Silver! So you are my next premier. Many many congrats! In your very recent statement, I specifically liked the words “positivity, inclusivity and respect”, which made me feel “included and respected”. Sandy, as my new premier, I have just one expectation from you! After you are in that seat, please stay as the simple guy the way we have been seeing you so far! We just love regular T-shirts on you. We don’t need much formality in those ironed suits! For the next 5 years, please just stay as the people’s premier! Please support diversity, inclusivity and humanity! Please mix with the public the way butter mixes in soups and makes delicious! Please hug people, listen to them, and bring smiles on their faces!

I am so proud of the guy, I mean my respected premier (elect), who had purchased beer for me during very first meeting!

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