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News Release: 2017 Whitehorse Bhangra Concert

Poster: Bhangra - Dance of Punjab 2017
Poster: Bhangra – Dance of Punjab 2017

Ready to get warmed up in the cold Yukon December? 

Gurdeep Pandher is proud to present culturally-rich and blended with many other Yukon cultures Bhangra dance concert on Dec 14, 2017 at Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse. The concert will be packed with wonderfully moving attractions and great dance-fusions to celebrate “unity-in-diversity” of the Yukon with the tagline “Diversity Over Division”.

Below is the one-by-one description of all the features:-

Bhangra by Gurdeep Pandher and Students from his dance classes:-

Waiting to see the bhangra dancers raising the roof off the Yukon Arts Centre? Then this is the chance you will experience the high energy bhangra creating summer-like feeling in winters. Created by Gurdeep Pandher and the students from his dance classes, this will be an amazing, energetic and inspiring evening for everyone.

Bhangra with Fiddleheads:-

The major and most anticipated attraction is bhangra with Yukon fiddle students from Fiddleheads (in collaboration with teacher Keitha Clark). Nearly 30 students from Fiddlehead group will showcase their talent, handwork, and the refined blend they have created with bhangra art alongside Gurdeep Pandher.

Bhangra-Blues Fusion Dance:-

Other prominent features are Bhangra-Blues Fusion Dance (In collaboration Emily Payne).

Bhangra on Traditional Irish-Scottish Music:-

Also, bhangra on Irish-Scottish music (Also featuring Punjabi bhangra dance on Traditional Irish and Scottish Set Music by the band “Crooked Folk” with band members Jerome McIntyre, Keitha Clark, and Bj MacLean.

Bhangra by Extremely Moving Youth Society, EMYS:-

Other great features will be bhangra by nearly 50 Extremely Moving Youth Society (EMYS) students, whom Gurdeep Pandher trained to dance bhangra. (In collaboration with Leaping Feats/Project In-charge: Katie Lynn and Mellisa Murray).

Bhangra by Yukon College Students:-

One of the wonderful addition this year will be bhangra dance by Yukon College students. Under the choreography by Gurdeep Pandher, students from the college have been preparing for the show during the whole fall season.

Re-production of the Viral Video on Stage with Mayor Dan Curtis:-

One of the other prominent features will be re-production of the viral video “Whitehorse Mayoral Turban Fitting” with Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis on the stage. The video made by Dan Curits and Gurdeep Pandher in January 2017 went viral and viewed by over a million people in just one day. Next day, the video was published by BBC News where 12 million people watched it. The video was also re-broadcasted by CBC News, The Globe and Mail, USA Today, Canadian Press and many other international media in Australia, India, etc. Even Russia’s state media published the video on their network.

Bhangra Dance Party  (With DJ Daniel Ashley):-

There will be dance party immediately after the bhangra show in the Arts Centre lobby. DJ Daniel Ashley will play a mix of  dance music. The item is what everyone is expecting, free-style big bhangra dance and people can also do other forms of dance too. Everyone is going to join for the free style BIG GROUP dance. All students, all musicians, MC, guests, and Gurdeep Pandher will also join.

Concert Theme and Message:-

Therefore, this will be a unique and multifaceted concert in many ways. The concert will also celebrate the Sikh culture and heritage in the Yukon.

The concert will also promote the Yukon’s inter-cultural harmony and friendship with the tagline “Diversity Over Division” and will inspire all Yukoners to celebrate their cultures together. Cultures are our roots and friendships are our branches. That’s how we all co-exist.


On top of everything, you will also get chance to watch great Yukon-made dance videos on the widescreen.


Bhangra was originated in Punjab. Punjab was an independent country until under the Sikh king Maharja Ranjit Singh, with the capital in Lahore before it was colonized by the British Government in 1849. It remained a part of the British Government from 1849 to 1947. It became a state in India after Independence from the British Government and Punjab partition in 1947.

Schedule and Tickets:-

Date: Dec 14, 2017
Venue: Yukon Arts Centre, Whitehorse, Yukon
Doors: 6:30 PM
Show: 7:00 PM
Ticket Price: $25

Please follow this link to buy the tickets!

Tickets are also available at Yukon Arts Centre and Arts Underground.

If you are attending it, please remember to RSVP on our Facebook event page!


Presenter/Producer: Gurdeep Pandher
Master of Ceremonies: Daniel Ashley
Stage Manager: Jordan Patrick
Photography: Matt Jacques
Video: Jake Paleczny/ Lee Carruthers
Sound: Mike Wilson
Sound/ event Coordinator: Josh Jansen
Lights: Jess McNabb
Yukon Arts Centre Contacts: Matt Poushinsky, Shana Ermatinger


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