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Our Old Crow Still Flies Perfectly!

Our Old Crow Still Flies Perfectly!

IF you enjoy tourist destinations that are way off of the beaten path, you’ll adore Old Crow. This community is located in the Northern Territory of the Yukon, and it features traditional First Nations culture that is just so inspiring and meaningful.

However, you’ll need to travel to this community via canoe or aircraft, as these are the only two modes of transport which will be able to deliver you to this out-of-the-way region! Once you’re there, you’ll be able to enjoy one of the Yukon’s “hidden treasures”.

More Fun Facts about Old Crow

In Old Crow, the Vuntut Gwitchin men, women and children (who are a part of Alaska’s Gwich’in Nation) number only 300. They are nicknamed, “the people of the lakes”. These Native people inhabit log cabins and live off the land, like their ancestors before them did, by hunting, trapping and fishing.

Now, let’s look at some of the best ways to enjoy a truly unique adventure while in Old Crow…

View the Northern Lights

If you’re interested in viewing the Northern Lights (also referred to as, “Aurora Borealis”, you should know that Old Crow will be a perfect place to see them! In fact, checking out these amazing “dancing lights” in the night sky at this charming location may just ensure a holiday that you never forget.

Almost any place in Old Crow will be just right for viewing this exciting natural phenomenon, as long as the time is right. Winter is the season when these gorgeous “visions” appears in the evening sky. Old Crow residents and tourists alike marvel at the majestic, pink-and-green lights as they move and shimmer against a glittering backdrop of stars…

In the summer season, there is 24-daylight for three full months!

Request a Wildlife Tour

When you’re visiting Old Crow, you may also request wildlife tours from the community’s members. If so, they may lead you to beautiful caribou (and any other local species!) and/or assist you in enjoying a little bird-watching while you’re in the area.

Caribou are the primary food source of Old Crow’s people. While staying in Old Crow (plan your trip in advance in order to ensure that you find appropriate accommodations and amenities), you may just be invited to attend a traditional feast which will allow you to sample Old Crow Caribou. These feasts are frequently accompanied by a night of joyous Native dancing and fiddling.

In addition to viewing the Northern lights in winter and seeing wildlife in its natural habitat, you may also enjoy snow/ski sports while in the region. From ski-doo riding to snowshoeing to cross country skiing, you’ll find that the snow-covered terrain of Old Crow is nothing short of magnificent.

Now that you know more about this “secret” Yukon community, you may find that it’s worth flying in (or canoeing in) in order to experience all that it has to offer. If you do, you’ll join a select group of tourists who have been lucky enough to experience the traditional life of the “people of the lakes”, up close and personal.

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