Rates for Classes

  • Base price: $150 (for any time from 0 to 40 Minutes)
  • One Hour: $200
  • Half-Day: $400
  • Full-Day: $600

Mileage if the event is out of Whitehorse: 55cents/km

(If travelling involves flying, then the client provides the tickets or airfare and airport pickup)

Food/Accommodation if the event is out of Whitehorse: $250 per day.

Dietary Recommendatory: Any type of vegetarian food and dairy products like cheese/butter/milk are fine.

Other notes:

  1. If your event involves multiple days or uneven/irregular hours, I can discuss a fixed price for everything.
  2. I have a soft-heart for non-profits or individuals with tight or limited budgets, so please let me know if this is the case and I can consider some discounts. I practice kindness.

Tools I can bring (you do not need to rent anything extra for my time):-

  1. PA or Sound System (Two medium-size bose speakers and soundboard)
  2. Microphones (Wireless handheld and wireless handsfree)