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Gurdeep’s Recipe: How to make Daal?

This recipe is from my Sikh and Punjabi cultural roots. Our Punjabi food is famous all over the world. Out of many, daal is my favourite. You can find daal in every Punjabi family. I am very happy to share my recipe.


  1. Moong beans – two cups
  2. Tomatoes – two
  3. Ginger – a small piece
  4. Cilantro- 2 or 3
  5. Onion – one
  6. Garlic – two cloves
  7. Ghee – Two spoons
  8. Salt and pepper – depends on your taste
  9. Hot chillis – depends on your tase
  10. Spices like Garam Masala – One spoon

How to make:-
First, wash moong beans. Put them into a container and boil them with water until they become soft. Add ghee. Then add small slices of tomatoes. Then add diced garlic, onion and ginger. Mix everything together with small pieces of cilantro. When they look fully cooked, add salt, pepper and spices.

Lots of love:-

~ Gurdeep Pandher

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