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Reflections on Women’s March

Serene Quietness

What a busy day! However before the day gets more darker, I want to add a few words in the support of thousands of women who were marching today. I was raised by 3 sisters and a fragile mother (don’t take me wrong, she was strong in many ways). My mom was in her late forties when I was born (an unexpected baby), she spent a lot of time in the hospital after my birth. So basically, I was raised by my sisters and their friends (and dad being mostly in the farm). So, women have been a dominating part of my world since my birth. Sisters nursed me, cared about me, provided me everything, cooked for me, and fulfilled the role of mothers at their young age caring their baby brother while mother was recovering. So my world and women are inseparable. I have gown up as an adult now and living in a different country myself (which surprises me), my mother and sisters just need a fake dream that I am suffering, I know my phone starts ringing immediately with the flood of their worries. That’s the another reason that I learned to laugh all the times, even in challenging times, because I know my one tear can bring so many tears in their eyes. Now I am seeing thousands of women marching in North America for dignity and respect, which is making me feel from the core that so far we couldn’t create the “world of everyone” in our communities. So many components of the modern society are still struggling too see their part of earth and sky. Racism, hate, discrimination, inequality, and all the things are still plaguing our society. Women are the source of every life and it makes me feel so much that the source has to march to have their “earth and sky”. Expressing full solidarity and support. – Gurdeep

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