Sample script for videos

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Vancouver People,

This is Gurdeep Pandher. Next month, I will visit your city to perform at the British Columbia Highland Games and World Music Festival organized by ScotFestBC on June 18th. I will be at the Main Stage of the ScotFestBC World Music Festival, spreading joy and positivity to all in attendance. I will also be leading a Bhangra dancing session for everyone.

Join me on June 18th, at Town Centre Park, Coquitlam. For more information, visit

Hello everyone, this is Gurdeep Pandher speaking from the Yukon. The Month of October is an Autism Acceptance Month. This is the month to create space, acceptance and love for people who face Autism. Understanding and education about Autism is the way to give joy to the people who lost it due to different challenges in their life. Let’s unite and share compassion, hope and joy with people in our communities impacted by Autism. Just love them!

Hello everyone, this is Gurdeep Pandher speaking from the Yukon. I am happy to participate in the inaugural CBC’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Awards. Equity, diversity and inclusivity are also important for joy and positivity. When people from different walks of life are offered equal opportunities and respect, it creates happiness everywhere, not just in one section of society.

Now for Equity, Diversity and inclusivity, let’s dance together:

Winners, Congratulations! Thanks for your hard work, and you deserve this recognition.

Hello Fort St. John; I am Gurdeep Pandher of the Yukon. I am coming to your city for the Community Awards on May 26th. There’s still time to nominate someone today until April 19th. To do so, go to “” Let’s create joyful moments together in the City and beyond!