Online Beginners' Bhangra Fitness Classes

Bhangra Dance-Fitness Support During Social-Distancing

(1) As COVID-19 has shifted everything, this initiative will give a great opportunity to do dance workouts/exercises from homes while maintaining ‘social-distancing’ intact. As bhangra is a joyful and uplifting dance, therefore it’ll also be great for physical and mental well-being.

(2) Please reserve your seat in advance! For the refund/cancellation policy, please visit this page.

(3) I also donate to causes related to COVID-19 or mental health or Food Banks in Canada. After donating, I post the info on this page.

(4) Classes are offed Fridays at 5 PM (PDT), Saturdays at 9 AM (PDT) and Sundays at 9 AM (PDT). PDT is the time zone in the Yukon, Canada. Each class is 40-minute long.

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