Online Beginners' Bhangra Fitness Classes

Bhangra Dance-Fitness Support During Social-Distancing

(1) As COVID-19 has shifted everything, this initiative will give a great opportunity to do dance workouts/exercises from homes while maintaining ‘social-distancing’ intact. As bhangra is a joyful and uplifting dance, therefore it’ll also be great for physical and mental well-being.

(2) Please reserve your seat in advance with a Pay-What-You-Can-Afford price!

(3) You might like to know about the refund policy before booking, then please visit refund policy page.

(4) I donate 25% of income from this work to a cause related to COVID-19 or mental health. After donating, I post the info on this page. After the class, I, sometimes, also post on my Twitter and Facebook pages stating which cause/non-profit I donate to.

(5) Classes are offed Fridays at 6 PM (PDT), Saturdays at 10 AM (PDT) and Sundays at 10 AM (PDT). Each class is 40-minute long.

(6) These classes are designed for “new” students who never joined my session before. If you have already attended my class and want to learn more moves, then please join my progressive classes.

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