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Why More People Are Choosing To Stay Single

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Humans, like most other mammals, prefer to stay within packs for safety and survival and also to feel loved, nurtured, and cared, hence why people tend to live side by side in apartments or neighborhoods. To go along with that is the intrinsic urge to find a mate, which is built into the instincts of all other animals in order to perpetuate the species. However, as society advances, human nature is shifting from wanting a partner and having children to desiring a close circle of friends and having the time to focus on one’s personal life. This diversion away from the natural order is brought on by many varied circumstances.

As with many other issues, the first and foremost factor of change is the evolution of social norms. Well-educated folks who work-hard to advance their careers either do not have time for commitments which relationships demand or they find it complicated to accommodate the requirements of relationships in their challenging and busy lifestyle. Living together only works if both parties equally put their time, mindset, energy, and excitement to keep the show of the relationship live, however most of today’s always-on-screen generation is not willing to compromise with real-life realities or challenges. Also, growing awareness about legal disputes among a large number of partners or scary lawsuit stories about divorces in the media might also be another strong factor which is encouraging modernsters to keep the doors of their hearts closed. So, being a single bachelor is in most of everyone, especially young men or women’s dreams, promising adventure and freedom in lieu of constricting romantic ideals.

On a similar note, too high expectations and non-fulfilment of those expectations also bars some to enter into living together way of life. Many people choose to stay single simply because reality cannot compare to the glorious, loving relationships they see in the media, with smiling faces and fancy dates. Needless to say, meeting such unrealistic expectations is stressful and expensive for both parties, sucking away whatever chemistry there might have been. Additionally, social media sites make causal relationships extremely easy, with almost no work required on the part of the people.

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In today’s do-it-all and have-it-all culture, there is no time left for seemingly pointless extracurricular activities such as dating. Especially among tech-savvy young urbanites with a high level of education, forming long-term relationships is less important than work. On the other hand, serious relationships are far less preferable than ‘hooking up’, which provide a certain level of immediate gratification. Their attitudes ensure they do not waste a single second on anything that does not work to their competitive advantage, or anything that delays pleasure, making dating obsolete.

Although it was already touched upon previously, it goes without saying dates and the eventual marriage are costly. From outfits to dinner to everything else in between, having a relationship certainly costs a lot for something that may not even last longer than a month. Although spending time with someone you love such as a friend or a family member is definitely worth any price, meeting up with a blind date at the fanciest restaurant in town would make even the wealthiest person cringe.

Overall, the settling down early trend is certainly winding down, with more and more people preferring to spend life on their own surrounded by friends and family rather than take on a partner. Although whether or not one stays single is definitely a personal choice, the attitude society takes on in western culture is gearing towards appreciation for the untamed, untaken and away from living as one half of a couple.

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  1. Excellent article! I agree with your points, Gurdeep.

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  3. Best presentation of the facts I’ve ever read. You are one well rounded, intelligent, thoughtful writer. You summed up in one brief what would have taken others thousands of pages. Impressive.

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