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Speech on Diversity at RCMP

Gurdeep Pandher Speech at RCMP

On Friday, I had a great honour to deliver my speech on “Diversity and Inclusion” to RCMP (Canadian Police) officers at RCMP building in Whitehorse. I felt touched that for nearly 40 minutes, the officers listened to my talk and made efforts to learn what diversity and inclusion means.

Two of the core messages I delivered through my speech were: –

1) Fear – How “fear” can be dangerous and how a fearful mind just cannot love. Unfamiliarity is the main source of fear.

2) Making bridges – how it is important to create friendships with people from different cultures/backgrounds. More we know each other, less or no fear and hate there will be.

After my speech, some officers came forward to ask me questions on “Sikh turban” and I was pleased to answer them. That’s how we can learn customs of each other.

Thank you, #RCMP, for inviting me!

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