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Thank you, Yukoners!

Although I felt honoured that our CBC recently wrote that “Gurdeep Pandher, who could be considered Yukon’s most famous person on social media”. But you know what, being famous is Ok, having half-million fans is Ok too, more important is being “loved”, “respected” and “being truly accepted”. Love, respect, and acceptance I felt after my videos went viral have been more important to me and I am thankful to Yukoners and Canadians from far-away places for sending tremendous love and respect. Otherwise, just being famous would have been meaningless! Many folks such as “Trumps” and “Fords” are very famous on social media, but they couldn’t earn respect and “a place” in people’s hearts! I just feel happy that people invite me to their homes/places and talk to me like fellow humans and let me feel a part of their families and spaces. Then I feel that I’ve many homes, away from my home❤! I do acknowledge that social media played a significant role in the development of my work and brand, but that would have been no use If I would not have received your true love ❤ !

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Connected Cultures – A Gurdeep Pandher and Fiddleheads Collaboration

Connecting cultures | Find a common ground

A Film to Display Canadian Cultural Mosaic

Punjabi Bhangra Dance, Fiddle Music, Punjabi Musical Instrument Tumbi, Highland Dancers, Live Music, and some other cultural beauties – In this 4-minute film, you will find many elements woven together.

This film is a collaboration between Gurdeep Pandher and the Yukon’s Fiddleheads to celebrate Canadian cross-cultural friendship. When we share our cultures with each other, we understand each other better, and make cross-cultural connections stronger. In this short dance and music film, we included Bhangra dance, fiddle music, Punjabi musical instrument Tumbi, highland dance, Sikh culture, and some other cultural and aesthetic arts. Cultures have been an integral part of human evolution and also kept us connected. Every country, region, faith or group have their cultures, which they celebrate and also remains a good formation of their life style. Cultures created events, festivals, folk-fairs, house-concerts and other reasons for people to come together at one place and celebrate doing fun activities which keep them entertained, make them motivated, keep them connected with their roots, remind them about their folk-traditions, and also unite them with theirs and other cultures.

Gurdeep Pandher is grateful to Keitha Clark, the head of Fiddleheads, for a wonderful team-work during the making of this film and playing a great role in this collaboration.

One of other major thanks is due to Gurdeep’s dance partner Monique Chatterton for learning and dancing bhangra along him.

The whole film team is very much thankful to Yukon Transportation Museum in Whitehorse for donating their space for free to shoot this film.

About Fiddleheads:- The Fiddleheads are celebrating 20 years of entertaining Yukon audiences this season. Founded in 1998 by Trish Barclay, the group creates original theatre productions, organizes barn dances, hosts jams, and works with other youth fiddle groups in the territory. The Fiddleheads have provided a first experience for many young Yukon musicians to develop their talents and expand their skills. Through the years, the group has performed everywhere from the Canada Winter Games to the Commissioner’s Christmas Party. Last year they released A Yukon Fiddle Celebration, an album of tunes from the repertoires of traditional fiddlers from across the territory.

About Gurdeep Pandher: Gurdeep Pandher is the Whitehorse (Yukon, Canada) based Bhangra artist and author. The works of art he created in order to bring people from all backgrounds together and promote inclusivity and diversity have gone viral and been published internationally. His performances and videos crossed many borders and were watched by millions from all over the world. Gurdeep’s works have been published by BBC News, CBC National, The Globe and Mail, Global News, CTV News, USA Today, SBS Australia, Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun, Russian state media, Reuters News Agency and many international media organizations.

Last note: This is our multicultural Canada – we have different roots, cultures and backgrounds, but at the end of day we are all ONE CANADA.

The video can viewed from the following social media links:-

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook

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Epicurious: Hops & Spice Edition bhangra to benefit Yukon Hospital Foundation

It was an amazing evening with bhangra performance, music and delicious food. Around 400 people came to attend it at Convention Centre (Coast High Country Inn) in Whitehorse on November 25, 2017 to benefit the Yukon Hospital Foundation!

Krisandra Reid joined Gurdeep Pandher as his co-performer for bhangra dance.

Continue reading Epicurious: Hops & Spice Edition bhangra to benefit Yukon Hospital Foundation

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Gurdeep Pandher | Stephanie Dixon | Bhangra | Swimming | Yukon

Fun collaboration between two the Yukon friends Stephanie Dixon and Gurdeep Pandher doing Punjabi Bhangra dance and fun swimming to normalize what may not be considered normal in some sections of our society. The video is about living a passionate life even if your normal is different than other people’s normal and celebrating difference, because different doesn’t mean less than.

The video has gone viral with more than a million views from all over the world!

Stephanie Dixon has 19 Paralympic Medals (7 Gold, 10 Silver and 2 Bronze) from 3 Games (2000/2004/2008) and has set Multiple World Records. She continues to be an ambassador for inclusive sport in Canada. For Stephanie’s detailed bio, please check pages like CBC or Swimming Canada or Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame!

Gurdeep Pandher is an author and Bhangra artist. The works of art he created in order to bring people from all backgrounds together and promote inclusivity and diversity have gone viral and been published internationally.

“Let’s start seeing people as people,” adds Gurdeep Pandher. “Let’s stop putting them into different classes. Any kind of classification, whether it is racial, cultural, lingual, orientational, or related to our bodies is wrong. If someone looks different than yourself, it should be just normal. For me a turban is just a symbol of change. For instance, when you see someone with a different appearance or style than yourself, you shouldn’t have no problem in accepting that person’s choices in the way you accept you or yours. And the same applies to our bodies.”

“Let’s normalize different bodies and cultures,” says Stephanie Dixon. “Different doesn’t mean less than. When we set aside assumptions, we can see the whole person. The video is about two friends having fun.”

Video, Editing, Music and Background Singing by: Gurdeep Pandher

Gurdeep Pandher and Stephanie Dixon during the making of the video!
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Softball Team from India in Whitehorse 

With Softball Team from India, which is in Whitehorse to play in World Men’s Softball. It was fun to spend this afternoon time chatting with these guys and sharing cool stories from India. Two of them are from the towns very close to my village in Punjab.