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One Loyal Friend Is Worth Ten Billion

Friends at my birthday

In good times and bad, one can always count on their friends to be by their side as personal cheerleaders, supporters, and listeners. Friends make and share memories together, complementing each other and being able to make the best of every situation, turning frowns upside down and transforming average days into brilliant ones filled with laughter. However, a true friend will also be there when times get rough, ready to pop in with cartons of ice cream, movies galore, and an open mind. They will not back away from whatever the harsh reality holds. Instead, they will step in and provide comfort, stability, and support.

First and foremost, the very best of friends, and usually the most well-liked people, learn to listen to the concerns and complaints of others without judgment. For most, there is nothing more cleansing and soothing than being able to freely rant to a friend about anything and everything on the worst days without fear of interruption. The trust that bonds two people together is a strong foundation for respect and comfort, two of the most important ingredients for building an enduring relationship that can weather any storm. After all, with a friend, even the most daunting tasks seem less intimidating and sadness will naturally flow into laughter.

When people are close to one another, they naturally pick up on each other’s moods and know instinctively if something is wrong. While an acquaintance might shrug and give an awkward smile before leaving, a friend will order pizza and try their best to empathize with the person dealing with the problem. Being able to find a connection and having someone understand what they are going through is a great comfort for people, and far more meaningful than the generic, “I’m sorry.” After all, while sympathy is an empty gesture, empathy, or the act of walking in another person’s shoes metaphorically, will build and strengthen bonds.

When all fails, a good friend knows how to give personal, constructive advice and encouragement. Instead of saying the ‘right things’, they are not afraid to be a bit harsh in order to provoke action rather than apathy. Obviously, the objective is not to be cruel; it is usually for the best, and out of the goodness of their hearts. After all, sometimes, walls need to be torn down before they can be built up again, stronger and taller this time. Compliments are like the snow; they will cool the burn for a few moments, but will quickly melt. Good friends know that sometimes, fire needs to be fought with fire (but not with gasoline).

In the end, although friends may be the ones who can bring life into any boring event and are the key building blocks for living a happy and healthy life, they are able to understand and support even the most difficult decisions in the hardest of times. No one is more honest, loving, and accepting than a true friend who knows when to listen and when to speak other than family, of course. Mediocre relationships are a dime a dozen, but a golden friendship is priceless.

Lastly, the title of my post says, “One loyal friend is worth ten billion”. Let me explain it further – one loyal friend is precious who cannot be priced.