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Train your Brain

Train your Brain

Your mind is a powerful and important organ of your body, dictating your life. Without it, you would hold no consciousness and be nothing more than an empty shell. In your prime, your brain is sharp, focussed and clear. However, as you age, the mind dims, causing you to have short term memory loss, and find it hard to concentrate. Obviously, you want to slow and eventually stop the damage, but how do you do it? Thankfully, the process to recovering your clarity of mind is not at all difficult…

Make yourself learn something new every day. Whether it is how to get from your house to the new shop that just opened or taking a lesson in astrophysics, every bit counts. Keep your brain active, and open to absorbing new information. Each lesson you learn imprints on the brain, carving out new thought patterns and keeps it curious. The more you learn, the denser and more complicated your mind is wired, which means it can come up with more solutions to problems in less time.

In addition to active learning, embrace challenges in the field you are familiar with to introduce new ways of thinking and to expand on your knowledge. If your boss is asking you to begin a large project, don’t shy away from it. Instead, tackle it head on and don’t back down from complications. The harder you work to resolve issues, the better your mind will be for thinking on your feet and quickly adjusting to new situations. If your work place does not offer enough challenges, go seek out some on your own. Run a marathon (strengthens body and mind), or try your hand at programming apps.

We live in a high tech world where newspaper puzzles are near obsolete (but are still fun!). Instead, there are a wide variety of applications and programs that improve your mental abilities through daily training games that usually take no more than a few minutes. Play on the bus, in the waiting room, or on your lunch break; flexibility is one of the best things about using this option to strengthen your mind. In addition, some apps are free, and most offer a free trial, so you get to try all of the benefits at no cost to you.

Even if you are at your peak, some brain training exercises can’t go wrong. They’re fun, and raise you up to be a lifelong learner that embraces challenges and fosters curiosity. You don’t even have to set up a time to improve you mental capabilities. Most of these ideas can be incorporated into everything you do, everywhere you go. No more excuses! It’s time to get your brain on track.