Atlin lake

Atlin lake looks like a peaceful paradise! I would like to hike Atlin mountain one day! Every year, during the Atlin Music Festival, it’s great to spend some moments with this lake.


Yukon’s Bush-Walkers

Yukon’s bush-walkers! It was awesome to do a great bush-walking with Lee Covin, Emma, Erin Brost, Mitch Brost, and John in Yukon’s Ibex Valley. 

Miles Canyon – A Yukon Paradise

A Yukon Paradise – Miles Canyon, right in the capital city of Whitehorse, offers view, beauty, peace, stillness, and internal love. Flowing Yukon river adds creative energy and dancing movement.


The Yukon and Nature

The Yukon and nature are two synonymous terms! Or one completes the other!  Photo by: Gurdeep Pandher Photo: A lake from hidden lakes

The Secret Language of Nature

We spend every day running to and fro, so caught up in our hectic lives and mundane habits, we don’t notice anything else. Meanwhile, in complete contrast, nature is changing almost imperceptibly,

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