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Rhinos – Short Film

Rhinos - Short Film

You meet a new person who doesn’t know your language. How will you communicate? However, if mental waves between two strangers cross then words itself tend to uplift the curtain of language barriers and speak up from other channels. Rhinos is a beautiful short film based on this theme. Ingrid and Thomas meet just by chance and find it difficult to communicate with each other through the languages they speak, however they end up learning a lot about each other when they discover transmission of those common waves rising equally from both sides.

Rhinos, the 17 minute short film was was directed by Shimmy Marcus has already many recognitions and awards in its folder. Rhinos was the best film at 27th European Short Film Festival Brest. At the Cork Film Festival, it was also announced as the best international short film. It also won the best short audience award at the Green Bay Film Festival and Cine Gael Montreal. At Chicago Irish Film Festival, it received 3rd Best Short Audience Award. At Foyle Film Festival, it bagged 2nd Best Short Film award. It also made into Irish Film & TV Awards Nomination as the best short film.

The text beneath the video reads:-

Award Winning short film about a German girl and an Irish boy who are thrown together by circumstance. Despite a language barrier they learn more about each other than they thought possible.

Writer/Director – Shimmy Marcus
Cast – Fionn Walton & Aylin Tezel as Thomas & Ingrid
Producers – Shimmy Marcus & Ciara Gillan
Cinematography – Cathal Watters
Editing – Lee Hickey
Art Direction – Padraig O’Neill
Hair & Makeup – Nina Ayoub … makeup artist
Sound re-recording mixer – Mark Henry
Sound Recordist – Sean Plunkett
Focus Puller – Joshua Bourke
Digital Intermediate Colorist – Dave Hughes
Post Production – Windmill Lane
Financed by – Crowdfunding & The Goethe Institut Irlande