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Be A Child Again

Do you remember those carefree days you spent when you were young, not a care in the world? Do you sometimes sit at home wondering what happened to the past version of yourself that loved ice cream cones, ran through sprinklers, and rode your bike everywhere? Obviously, we grow up and our interests shift, but you don’t have to give up being a kid for good. If you’re an adult every single moment of every day, it gets boring and stuffy; so go out and reclaim you childish side!

You don’t have to quit your day job in order to be childish, simple acts every day works just as well. In the morning, skip your coffee and get a hot chocolate. Instead of drinking wine, have some soda water. Just changing your diet to resemble a child’s can give you a fresh perspective. However, don’t go overboard. An occasional treat is fine, coke and chips for every meal is not.

This may sound like a no brainer, but going outside can raise your mood. Unless you were a very unhealthy and inactive child, playing outside with friends was probably the highlight of your day. Just for fun, schedule a sports tournament with your coworkers and friends over a weekend. It’s perfect for getting everyone together to unwind and be active. To make the day even more interesting, invite the children of your friends to join in. Before you know it, the day will have flown by in a flurry of fun and competition.

A huge part of being a child is the childish antics. It’s okay to be immature sometimes, so feel free to pull small pranks on your friends from time to time or make up inappropriate jokes. However, be aware your main responsibility is still to be an adult, so make sure not to go overboard. Also, make sure your pranks are harmless, and that your jokes are heard by your friends only after work hours, not by your boss in the office. Activities like a water balloon fight or laser tag, however, can be enjoyed with whomever you want.

With the right attitude, it’s very easy to awaken your childish side once again. Sometimes, you just need a break from reality and take a trip down memory lane. In fact, reverting back to a kid for a short time can boost your mood, and simplify your life. The next time you want to just bike the whole day away or break your diet for that snow cone, don’t feel guilty. It’s perfectly fine to indulge yourself.