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Big Samosa Night | Kudos to Many

Folks, we worked all night long to make samosas! We started at 6:30 PM and ended at 7 AM😳😳! We worked so much. So please come and join tonight to enjoy the samosas made with so much love ! And I’m sooo much thankful to Veronique for so much help. That was an incredible amount of help. She deserves so much 👏! I’m also thankful to Monique Chatterton for working with us until midnight. I’m also thankful to Mike Nemeth who will be working with us today to give samosas a final shape. I’m thankful to Monique’s Mom Suzanne for help too. Thank you, Association franco-yukonnaise (AFY), for offering us your kitchen! Our French community is so lovely and generous! ❤

The event is at Holy Family School at 7 PM.