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Honoured to be featured in Miche Genest’s book

I am feeling truly honoured to be featured in Miche Genest’s book on Northern summer cocktails titled Add Light and Stir. Miche Genest co-authored the book with Jennifer Tyldesley. We created a new recipe too! Please try delicious Yukon-Punjabi Wild-Berry lassi this summer 🥛🥤!

The book contains carefully curated many delicious cocktails recipes for an exotic northern summer.

Yukon’s well-known cookbooks author Miche Genest is inspired by both wild and garden cultivated ingredients in the north. Her cookbook, The Boreal Feast, decorates many households in the country. She is also a guest columnist with the Yukon’s North of Ordinary Magazine.

Gurdeep Pandher, Free Pour Jenny’s and The Boreal Gourmet are so honoured to have you! And we have a book for you. I’ll arrange via email. Thank you so much for sharing your lassi recipe–it’s so refreshing!🥤🥛❤ ~ Miche Genest