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Bhangra Show -2018

Gurdeep Pandher is pleased and honoured to announce that the Bhangra Show is happening at Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse on December 18, 2018. When there is cold season around, we warm up the Christmas spirit with high-energy Bhangra moves. We bring delights and make faces smile. Not only we celebrate the Sikh cultural dance in the Yukon, but also bring all other cultures together. Being “inclusive, open and doing things together” is our strength.

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Bhangra in Old Crow

Wonderful to share Punjabi Bhangra dance with the people of Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation.

Do you know there is a place in far-north, where only 250 people live, and where there is no road which connects it to the outside world.

Name of that little village is called Old Crow.

Went to Watson Lake, Haines Junction, Dawson City, and Old Crow to spread happiness of Bhangra dancing.

Wonderful to do it in the far-north community of Old Crow, the world which not connected via a single road to the outside world.

Elders and local unit of RCMP and social services people also came to attend.

Building cultural bridges, bringing East close to far-north, It makes unknown familiar in a wonderful way. Sometimes unknown can be a major root-cause of fear. So let us come closer.

Also, dancing is just good for good mental and physical health. Research shows dancing can improve your mental health by boosting your overall happiness.

It also makes one world.

A big shutout to Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation Government (VGFN) making this happen!

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First We Eat joys with Dr. Suzanne Crocker and Family

First We Eat mission: Dr. Suzanne Crocker, Miche Genest, Hector, Cindy, Arno, and two beautiful dogs.

It was beautiful to be back in our historic Dawson City at the place of my wonderful host Dr. Suzanne Crocker and family. I went to support Suzanne’s amazing mission called “First We Eat”, which is based on local farming and eating. She already has completed one year of eating locally. Her work will not only help the farmers of Dawson City, but also the Yukon’s whole agriculture industry!

It was an absolute pleasure for me to train 60 farmers in Dawson City how to dance Bhangra. We we all danced together like a close-knit community of friends.

Dr. Suzanne Crocker is a retired family physician. She and husband, Gerard Parsons (also a retired physician), their three children, two cats and a dog live like a perfect and wonderful family in a beautifully created log home.

Sharing many meaningful conversations on many important topics with Dr. Suzanne Crocker, Dr. Gerard Parsons, writer Miche Genest, Hector, Cindy and Arno, I would say it was an absolute delightful experience to sleep two nights in a home where hand-crafted creativity is visibly seen in the every corner.

First We Eat mission: Dr. Suzanne Crocker, Miche Genest, Hector, Cindy, Arno.
First We Eat mission: Dr. Suzanne Crocker, Miche Genest, Hector, Cindy, Arno.
People at First We Eat food and Bhangra dance gathering at a Dawson City farm.
People at First We Eat food and Bhangra dance gathering at a Dawson City farm.
Exploring beautiful Dawson City on the sidelines of our First We Eat passion.
Exploring beautiful Dawson City on the sidelines of our First We Eat passion.

Here is the sneak preview of the First We Eat mission:-

More information on her work is on the website

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Honoured to be featured in Miche Genest’s book

I am feeling truly honoured to be featured in Miche Genest’s book on Northern summer cocktails titled Add Light and Stir. Miche Genest co-authored the book with Jennifer Tyldesley. We created a new recipe too! Please try delicious Yukon-Punjabi Wild-Berry lassi this summer 🥛🥤!

The book contains carefully curated many delicious cocktails recipes for an exotic northern summer.

Yukon’s well-known cookbooks author Miche Genest is inspired by both wild and garden cultivated ingredients in the north. Her cookbook, The Boreal Feast, decorates many households in the country. She is also a guest columnist with the Yukon’s North of Ordinary Magazine.

Gurdeep Pandher, Free Pour Jenny’s and The Boreal Gourmet are so honoured to have you! And we have a book for you. I’ll arrange via email. Thank you so much for sharing your lassi recipe–it’s so refreshing!🥤🥛❤ ~ Miche Genest

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Video- Happy Canada Day 2018

Canada Day 2018

Happy Canada Day: Please enjoy Bhangra dance performance during Canada Day 2018 celebrations in Whitehorse, Yukon on July 1st by Sikh-Canadian Gurdeep Pandher and Québécois-French Canadian Véronique Lachance! There is an important message at the end of the video too!

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Midnight Sun Bhangra in the Yukon at 12:30 AM

Midnight Sun Bhangra

Midnight Sun Dance – In the Yukon (Canada), during the summer solstice times, days are almost 24 hours long. From 2 AM to 3 AM, it may get a little bit duskier, but you can still see things around clearly and enjoy the moment like a captivating evening time. This time of the day is like a poet’s best imaginative moment to indulge in a superb creativity. Gurdeep Pandher and his dance partner Véronique Lachance decided to do some high-energy Bhangra dance at 12:30 AM, just after midnight, at the heart-gratifying Lake Laberge scenery of the calmly flowing Yukon river, to showcase to the world how elegant the Yukon looks under the midnight sun during the charming summer solstice days. Enjoy the dance and please share the video!

YouTube Link:-

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On behalf of Khalsa Aid Canada, donated food to Whitehorse Food Bank

Today, on the behalf of the humanitarian relief charity Khalsa Aid Canada, we donated two full carts of vegetarian soups to Food Bank Society of Whitehorse! Khalsa Aid is an international social/humanitarian assistance and victims’s relief charity with its Canada headquarters in Victoria, BC. In past, Khalsa Aid distributed free food to the victims of Haiti earthquake, Syrian refugees during the war times, Refugee crisis in Greece, Yemen Civil War victims, UK Flood victims in 2014 and 2015, Nepal Earthquake in 2015, Cyclone Marcia victims of Australia, Victims of Bosnia floods, victims of Lebanon refugee crisis, Victims of Sudanese refugee crisis in 2014, Philippines typhoon victims, Kenya famine victims, civil war victims of Libya and Syria, victims of Cambodia Orphan crisis, Tsunami victims of Indonesia, Congo/Rwanda Volcanic eruption victims, Kosovo war victims, assistance to Albania civil war victims, and hundreds of other humanitarian causes all over the world.

Khalsa Aid International was founded in 1999 by Ravi Singh in London, UK and now it has its branch in Canada, known as Khalsa Aid Canada.

Supported by many individuals, families, schools, churches, businesses and other organizations, Food Bank Society of Whitehorse, also known as Whitehorse Food Bank, is a community-based organization, that provides emergency food to people in need. It provides emergency food hampers to 1300 people a month.