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What Participants Take Away from Gurdeep’s Classes?

  • Hope to Take Away
  • Fun!
  • Looks like it will be a blast!

  • fun
  • Education
  • Inclusivity
  • A stress relief, time away from the desk.
  • Learning a new dance!
  • New dance skills 🙂 Maybe make some new friends in open education.
  • End of the week laughter
  • Joy
  • To have some fun!
  • relaxation, a few laughs
  • Fun! A movement break/time away from writing my dissertation
  • Joy!!
  • A little intercultural fun.
  • A sore face from smiling.
  • Fun and learning!
  • some time to relax and have fun
  • Joy
  • A break from the workday
  • sick dance moves
  • Dance moves
  • I’m curious about Bhangra – it looks like a joyful form of movement
  • Fun and activity

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