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Gurdeep Pandher’s Teaching Philosophy

I will strive to be a teacher who can make an enlightened and constructive difference in the lives of my students. My viewpoint about my philosophy will always be a work in progress and will continue to grow and expand as I gain more knowledge and teaching experience.

So far, these are these core 9 points of my teaching philosophy: –

  1. Teacher-Learner: As a teacher, I won’t just be a teacher, I will be a “teacher-learner”. I will take every opportunity as a learning moment from my students. For me, education is a two-way street.
  2. Positivity: I personally believe that teacher attitude plays an important role in the building of a student-teacher relationship. Therefore, I will create a positive classroom environment.
  3. Teacher-Student Relationship: This will be the core of my philosophy. I believe that a teacher-student relationship is very important for all the goals which our education system wants to achieve. A great teacher-student relationship is also very important for great classroom management and student success.
  4. Teacher-School Relationship: As a teacher, I will also make efforts to build up a great teacher-school relationship. I feel that a positive working relationship with the school principal, other administrative staff, the Department of Education, fellow teachers, and whoever is involved in the smooth running of the great educational school system is very important. Therefore, I will make sure that I am able to build up those bonds which can create positive impressions in my classroom.
  5. Human Side of Education: As a teacher, my main objective will be to impart the human side of education. I will provide such skills that will create a wonderful community, country and world. Some of these values will be respect and kindness. I will teach my students to be respectful to their teachers, parents, community, elders, and every human they meet. I will also instil other social skills like kindness, curiosity, resiliency, equality, and patience.
  6. Not “Boys or Girls”, just “Humans”: I will not address my students like “boys or girls”. I feel that it creates a sense of gender divides at an early stage. For me, all students will be my little humans and I will address them with terms like “students”, “learners”, “wonderful people”, etc.
  7. Inclusion: I will be a fully inclusive and welcoming educator. The doors of my classroom will be open to all kinds of students. I will not exclude any students on the basis of their gender, background, nationality, orientation, ethnicity, skin-colour, first language, pronunciation in the second language, style of dressing, level of family upbringing, immigration status, refugee status, etc. I will inspire them to respect and celebrate the “differences”.
  8. Encouragement to Less Participating Students: I won’t a kind of teacher who will pick up some top participating or smart students and leave others behind. Rather, I will inspire those who are often unheard or represented in the class. I will give an equal voice to everyone.
  9. Overall Success and Success of Everyone: I would like all of my students to be successful. I will like them to succeed in their lives and will also inspire them to make others successful too. I will teach them that success must not be achieved at the cost of the failure of others. To be truly successful, others must succeed too. In my classes, I will help the sparking of great imaginations, ideas and create an educational atmosphere that fosters a whole-student-development.

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