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The teaching of reading within a classroom setting

Literature Circles

Literature circles are small groups of students gather for an in-depth discussion of a literary work. To make sure that all the students have all the directions and they remain focused, each group member is given a specific task. The circles meet regularly. The discussion roles change at each meeting.


Phonics is the study of sound or method for teaching reading and writing of the English language by the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate phonemes. Teaching children through phonics implies that a student will learn each sound and syllable individually. This method helps students to understand and comprehend words by sounding them out.

Guided Reading

In a guided reading session, the teacher creates a small group of students with similar support needs. The small group design allows teachers to teach their students in a way that is meant to be more focused on their particular needs. In this way, it stimulates their advancement.

Running Record

A running record is an assessment of a child’s reading behaviour, including accuracy level, analysis of records of the information used while reading, analysis of a child’s literacy processing. Teachers use running records to guide their teaching. I also allow teachers to report on a child’s reading level.

Levelled Books

Levelled books are a collection of books arranged in levels from easy books to difficult ones. It is a great way to match books with students of their reading abilities. As children’s reading abilities develop, teachers assign them more challenging books, and thus students improve levelled books.

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