My Turbaned Head

Observing the Spinning Globe Through My Turbaned Head!

When I changed my telescope, I observed different and even more magnificent stars. I started realizing that the whole universe is just so adorable!

Stigma or phobia is “self-censorship”. Stigma can be a “deep-rooted” thought in mind or it can also be like a stuck whirl-pool in a confined space of mindset. Whatever it is, sometimes it just needs an outlet to move away so that the mind can see the bigger or better world to experience the fresh comprehension (I mean perspective) in order to recognize a joy of a great change. A stigma can hinder your growth as a human being. It can also create blockages in our overall happiness and ability to form meaningful friendships.

A digital-painting of Gurdeep Pandher by Ashley Riot
A digital-painting of Gurdeep Pandher by Ashley Riot (2011)

In the western world, I encountered turban stigmas. I faced different treatment to my appearance. I noticed racist comments on the media stories targeting my turban, even those stories were based on my dance-art works just to spread happiness and harmony. That’s why I decided to start wearing my turban again and then more often to initiate “turban awareness”. I had adopted a clean-shaven/ short-hair fashion-genre in 2007 to match my look to the more western world, but when I realized stereotypes/ hate/ xenophobia/ racism/ sectarianism in society in general, I decided to resume wearing my turban to challenge that mentality. Instead of expressing discomforting rants here and there, I decided to choose a coherent and thoughtful path with my turban-draped fashion to broadcast a powerful message to the world. Today I am so happy that I took that decision. Happier I am because my close friends supported me in my mission to bring an enlightened and progressive change how we perceive the modern world.

An illumination first ♥ :- The information provided on this page is not to inspire people to wear turbans. That is NOT my purpose. Here, I am not interested in promoting my religion or anything like that. Your faith or your choices and your values are equally great. I am a scientific and rational thinking human inspired by open-mindedness, equality and universal care. It’s a campaign to promote advocacy for social change and diversity of values. By posting these photos, my main goal is to eliminate deep-rooted taboos/ stigmas/ stereotypes about the customs of people from the other side of the globe and to support the formation of fabulous cross-cultural connections. I am not interested in changing your faith or anything else, but I am definitely interested in changing your “mindset or disposition” how you look at the people from other cultures or communities or faiths and vice-versa. For example; if the whole world starts to follow Sikhism, I feel that it wouldn’t solve the problems of the world and if the whole world starts to follow your religion, it wouldn’t solve those problems either. However, a better world will become for everyone when we start to accept and respect each other’s faiths. I am working to create respect and acceptance for your faith and mine, your world and mine, your fashion and mine. This is a special project to build bridges over the walls. Love over fear. I think that fear is the root-cause of hate, so I want to brighten fearful hearts with fun “outlook-shifting opportunities” with a hope to create love for humanity and to promote a “welcoming-world” of all kinds of appearances/ fashions/ looks/ styles. It is all about creating a “companionable coexistence”. I think we all humans deserve a safer world!

I think we can come out of our ‘enclosed’ zones and view the world with a bigger and wider depth of field! Even ‘huge-huge’ buildings appear like children’s ‘tiny-tiny’ homes when we look at them from the window of a flight.

⇒ Dan Curtis | Mayor of Whitehorse

The Mayor of City of Whitehorse, Yukon Mr. Dan Curtis created history in early 2017 by becoming the first Canadian Mayor to learn the art of wearing a Sikh turban. He wore the turban on his head and then danced Punjabi bhangra with Gurdeep Pandher who gave him the Sikh turban wearing and bhangra lesson. Then with the turban on his head, the mayor declared the City of Whitehorse as the diversity-friendly city. The video of this fun-filled adventure was published by BBC News, CBC National, USA Today, and almost the whole world. Please click here to read my full article on this remarkable story of change with this wonderful human which social media now ‘cutely’ calls “The Mayor of Canada”!

Mayor of Whitehorse, Mr. Dan Curtis Mayor of Whitehorse, Mr. Dan Curtis became famous in turban.

⇒ Melanie Hackett | Geologist

When Melanie wore a turban for the first time. She was thrilled. Instantly, she forwarded the photo to her mom in Burnaby, BC. Her mom was equally excited. And she did not take it off for the whole day. Melanie started learning Irish dance when she was 12. Being an athlete herself and competing at the World Championships of Irish Dancing prompted her to complete a B.Sc. in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University. Melanie also did a degree in Geology from the same University. She also plays the fiddle and flute. Melanie definitely has the travel bug and enjoys many outdoor sports. She has cycle toured for several months exploring the Hawaiian volcanoes, canyoneered and rock climbed through Utah’s canyons, and has kayaked through icebergs in Alaska. On the top of that, she also biked the entire Dempster Highway in the Yukon while recording great bear stories during her arduous adventure. And even top of the top of her other top adventures, she learnt Bhangra and then made a great Bhangra-Irish dance combo video with Gurdeep Pandher. Check the video here!

Kinda cultural exchange – “You wear my cap and I will wear your turban” – Geologist and Irish Dancer Melanie Hackett in her turban look!

⇒ Jacob Zimmer | Artistic Director- Nakai Theatre

Jacob Zimmer is a theatre maker, process designer, facilitator and dramaturge. Born in Cape Breton and growing up in Halifax, Jacob has 15 years of experience creating theatre and facilitating conferences across the country.

⇒ Avid Traveler | Lili in Turban

Lili in Turban
Lili in Turban


In a hope that people will get the education and the following does not happen to those again who wear headdresses:-

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