Gurdeep Pandher has become one of Yukon’s most active ambassadors with his Bhangra videos. – The Huffington Post

2020 Videos

Watson Lake Secondary School | Yukon | Pink Shirt Day Video | Anti-Bullying Awareness

During the Pink Shirt Day, on February 28, 2018,  at Watson Lake Secondary School in the Yukon, Canada, Gurdeep Pandher and school students wore pink shirts and danced Bhangra together under the slogan “Nice Needs No Filter”. This special event was held to raise anti-bullying awareness in our schools, homes, workplaces and online. We all need to stand together against bullies. Sometimes, mental health conditions or unhealthy upbringing or peer pressures can create bullies too. So, we need more mental health education and practitioners to study the behaviour so that the best measures are adopted to prevent it. Everyone deserves safe spaces to live their lives to the fullest.

Gurdeep Pandher | PNW Group | Whitehorse Minor Hockey | Punjabi Bhangra | Whitehorse | Yukon

Gurdeep Pandher | Fiddleheads | Bhangra Dance | Fiddle Music | Highland Dance | Yukon

Gurdeep Pandher | Stephanie Dixon | Bhangra | Swimming | Yukon

Fun collaboration between two the Yukon friends Stephanie Dixon and Gurdeep Pandher doing Punjabi Bhangra dance and fun swimming to normalize what may not be considered normal in some sections of our society. The video is about living a passionate life even if your normal is different than other people’s normal and celebrating difference, because different doesn’t mean less than.

Stephanie Dixon has 19 Paralympic Medals from 3 Games (2000/2004/2008) and has set Multiple World Records. She continues to be an ambassador for inclusive sport in Canada.

Gurdeep Pandher is an author and Bhangra artist. The works of art he created in order to bring people from all backgrounds together and promote inclusivity and diversity have gone viral and been published internationally.

“Let’s start seeing people as people,” adds Gurdeep Pandher. “Let’s stop putting them into different classes. Any kind of classification, whether it is racial, cultural, lingual, orientational, or related to our bodies is wrong. If someone looks different than yourself, it should be just normal. For me a turban is just a symbol of change. For instance, when you see someone with a different appearance or style than yourself, you shouldn’t have no problem in accepting that person’s choices in the way you accept you or yours. And the same applies to our bodies.”

“Let’s normalize different bodies and cultures,” says Stephanie Dixon. “Different doesn’t mean less than. When we set aside assumptions, we can see the whole person. The video is about two friends having fun.”

Video, Editing, Music and Background Singing by: Gurdeep Pandher

Canada 150 (Canada Day) Bhangra | Whitehorse, Yukon | Gurdeep Pandher and Gabriella Peter

Performed by Gurdeep Pandher and Gabriella Peter, Canada Day bhangra dance performance in Whitehorse, Yukon, celebrating 150th anniversary of the Canadian confederation.

Bhangra Meets Irish Dance | Gurdeep Pandher & Melanie Hackett | Co-Singer: Sarah MacDougall

Half in English and half in Punjabi language, along with Punjabi Bhangra and Irish dance fusion, we made this video to promote “unity in diversity” in Canada and the world. When we hear divisive news in the media that separate people on the basis of religion, skin colours, backgrounds, and physical appearances, we decided to make this video to spread cultural harmony and bring positivity in our society. Instead of walls, let’s create bridges! We may look different, but we all are one human race. Thank you, Sechelt in the Sunshine Coast (British Columbia, Canada) for providing us your beautiful natural scenery to make our video look awesome! Thank you for watching our video! Love and Peace!

Starring: Gurdeep Pandher and Melanie Hackett
Singers: Gurdeep Pandher and Sarah MacDougall
Lyrics/Cinematography: Gurdeep Pandher
Made at Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada

Gurdeep Pandher, Kristina Beckmann, and Christie Harper Bhangra at Special Olympics in Whitehorse, Yukon

Gurdeep Pandher, along with Kristina Beckmann and Christie Harper perfomed bhangra dance at Special Olympics event in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

Choreography: Gurdeep Pandher
Performed by: Gurdeep Pandher, Christie Harper and Kristina Beckmann
Video by: Robyn Parker

With Gurdeep Pandher Choreography, Bhangra by Whitehorse (Yukon) School Students

With choreography by Gurdeep Pandher, at GO NUTS Student Show, bhangra dance choreography was included very first time. The show was held by Extremely Moving Youth Society (EMYS) and Leaping Feats at Yukon Arts Centre, Whitehorse, Canada. Gurdeep Pandher is thankful to EMYS, Leaping Feats and parents/guardians of the students for granting the consent to publish the video.

CTV News Channel Live Interview with Gurdeep Pandher by Scott Laurie

CTV News Channel Live Interview with Gurdeep Pandher by host Scott Laurie.

Turbaned Boys | Gurdeep Pandher and Lara Isabella | Fehmarn Bhangra

Made in Fehmarn Island (Germany), bhangra dance video by Gurdeep Pandher and Lara Isabella with a powerful message to fight racism, build cross-cultural bridges, and promote peace in the world. Lyrics has lots of humour, but also a great message for unity.
Ein auf der Insel Fehmarn (Deutschland) gedrehtes Bhangra-Tanzvideo von Gurdeep Pandher und Lara Isabella mit dem wichtigen Anliegen sich gegen Rassismus zu erheben, kulturübergreifende Brücken zu bauen und weltweiten Frieden zu fördern. Der Liedtext beinhaltet nicht nur eine Menge Humor, sondern auch eine tolle Botschaft für Gemeinschaft und Harmonie.

Performed By: Gurdeep Pandher and Lara Isabella
Choreography and Cinematography By: Gurdeep Pandher
Singer/Lyrics: Gurdeep Pandher
Background Vocals in English: Claire Ness

Gurdeep Pandher – Air North Video

Check out new style of advertising! I appeared in Air North video. It became viral on Facebook. Air North is Yukon, Canada’s airline.

Gurdeep Pandher – Kristina Beckmann | Dance | Carcross | Yukon | Near Alaska

Acting and bhangra performance by Gurdeep Pandher and Kristina Beckmann on Punjabi song Pagg Diyan Puniya! Filmed at Windy Arm in Yukon, Carcross area, near Yukon (Canada)-Alaska (USA) international border and Fish Lake, Whitehorse.

Performed By: Gurdeep Pandher and Kristina Beckmann
Choreographed By: Gurdeep Pandher
Song/Music Credit: Pagg Diyan Puniya by Sukhwinder Sukhi

Gurdeep Pandher-Students Bhangra in Jhoomar Style at Whitehorse, Yukon

Gurdeep Pandher and Students’ bhangra performance in jhoomar style from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada at the concert “Bhangra- Dance of the Punjab” on song Vanjhali Vaja [Van-jh-lee Vaja].

Performed By: Gurdeep Pandher, Kristina Beckmann, Shari Heal, Gabriella Peter, Christie Harper, Katie Thom, Rupi Aujla, Jana Brandt
Choreographed By: Gurdeep Pandher
Song/Music Credit: Vanjhali Vaja by Amrinder Gill
MC: Grant Simpson

Gurdeep-Isabella Bhangra at Yukon Farm on Lake Laberge (Whitehorse)

Lake Laberge, near Whitehorse (Yukon, Canada), is “nature’s gold”! This beautiful Yukon lake definitely inspired many resonant words in celebrated Yukon poet Robert Service’s poem, “The Cremation of Sam McGee”. There is a lovely farm on the lake’s banks, where my friend Sarah grows her organic vegetables. While filming subtle elements of farming life, with the beautiful lake waters so close to us, Isabella and I were inspired to do a heart-warming dance to a melodic Punjabi song. Luckily, Bhangra dance from Punjab has many branches, which allow for the expression of every kind of feeling. One of its branches is called Jhoomar. So, we danced Bhangra in the Jhoomar style in order to express the intensity of emotions which would be experienced during the reunion of two lovers. This reunion takes place in the beginning of the song. Later on, the dance evolves to reflect pure joy. We worked very hard to create this video and we hope that you love it!
Performed By: Gurdeep Pandher and Lara Isabella
Directed, Choreographed and Edited By: Gurdeep Pandher
Song/Music Credit: Amrinder Gill
Location: Lendrum-Ross Farm on Lake Laberge near Whitehorse (Yukon) Canada

Travel Whitehorse Yukon with Bhangra by Gurdeep and Manuela

Gurdeep Pandher and Manuela Haemmerli dance bhangra and take you on a tour of some exciting touristy spots in/around Whitehorse, Yukon territory. Alongside the rhythm of the dance, you also will get a chance to see some gorgeous Yukon lakes, mountains, the heart of downtown, scenic views, art/cultural centre, and even wildlife. The Yukon is the westernmost territory of Canada which is a wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts. Whitehorse is the capital city. Bhangra is the Punjabi folk dance of the Punjab. Enjoy the bhangra performance and share the love! If you are a dance lover, please dance along the video!
Song/Music credit: Naag by Jazzy B
Directed, Choreographed and Edited By: Gurdeep Pandher

Canada Day Bhangra in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada

Our bhangra dance performance on Canada Day in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada!
Bhangra Performers: Gurdeep and Manuela.
Music/Songs Credit: Ravindar Grewal for Pagg and Sippy Gill for Mahi Mera

Our Bhangra at Whitehorse Waterfront Trolley Station!

My partner-in-crime Manuela Haemmerli and I made another Bhangra dance video! It also shows our beautiful city’s coolest tourist attraction- that lovely Whitehorse Waterfront Trolley! Please watch our bhangra and share!
Music/Song credit: Maahi Mera by Sippy Gill

Gurdeep-Manuela Bhangra near the Yukon River in Whitehorse

Punjabi bhangra dance by Gurdeep Pandher and Manuela Haemmerli at the shipyards park deck on the banks of the Yukon River in Whitehorse (Yukon) Canada.
Music/Song Credit: Kihnu Yaad Kar Kar Hasdi by Kamal Heer
Choreography: Gurdeep Pandher

Funny Bhangra with Yukon Consent Crew

This was our funniest ever Bhangra dance video! Filmed along with the Yukon Consent Crew, which is the campaign run jointly by Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre, White Ribbon Yukon, Les EssentiElles and many other Yukon organizations to make our society safe and healthy for everyone! And there is a great message at the end of the video!
(Crew:- Roxanne Simms, Amelia Naud-Arcand, Mike Fancie, Gurdeep Pandher, Sarah Frey, Jannel Robertson, Rasheeda Slater)

Bhangra by Gurdeep Pandher on Traditional Irish-Scottish Music

Punjabi Bhangra dance performance by Gurdeep Pandher on the Traditional Irish and Scottish Set Music by the band Crooked Folk. Keitha Clark with fiddle, Jerome McIntyre with Cajon/bodhran, Katie Avery with fiddle, Lee Covin with Irish whistles/small pipes and BJ MacLean with the guitar.
Location: Porter Creek Secondary School in Whitehorse (Yukon) Canada
Special Thanks: School teacher Daniel Halen and Staff


I do believe that while maintaining our cultures and colours alive, we can connect across the walls and learn about each other’s worlds. While our culture keeps us rooted, other cultures keep us connected as citizens of the universe.
~ Gurdeep Pandher